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10/10 Highly Skilled and personable instructor
By Mark Mellohusky / Mount Laurel, USA

To be blunt – Moses is the real deal when it comes to possessing the qualities necessary to be considered an elite trainer/coach. I don’t throw around glowing testimonials lightly since I have been around trainers for many years throughout this great country of ours. I have witnessed Moses get incredible results for clients ranging from the newbie to the elite athlete. Moses has the ability to efficiently & intelligently tailor a routine to an individual or group in order to keep them progressing to their goals all within a safe & challenging environment. While his technical proficiency is beyond reproach, Moses also has the ability to teach utilizing a personable, down-to-earth style that clients really respond to and thrive under his expert instruction.
I cannot say enough about his qualifications & excellent character – I highly recommend Moses to anybody seeking to further their fitness goals.

10/10 Top Notch Instructor
By John Bair / Lansdale, PA, USA

Moses is a Fantastic Trainer and an Even Better Person. Extremely bright with an awesome sense of humor. Don’t let the name fool you. If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life without the bore of aerobics and torture of dieting I suggest you look this man up. Before he is summoned to a higher calling 🙂

10/10 Good teacher
By Donna L / Medford NJ, USA

“Moses has been great with me! he is very knowledgeable, he assesses your ability, and works with what you have. In his classes, everyone is able to work at their own level and he keeps a close watch on your form and your energy level. I am probably 20 years older than some of my fellow workout-mates but I have never gotten hurt or felt stupid in the class because, as I said, he carefully watches my form/technique and he is also very encouraging! I’m surprised at how I have progressed! He is both trustworthy and encouraging and knowledgeable ! ”

Training the right way for a new mom


Moses started my training sessions off with an evaluation–he was careful and thorough and that time was well-spent. He helped create workouts I could do at home, during nap times. Throughout our sessions it was so nice to know that Moses would be pleasant, funny and nice–but would also correct my when necessary. He helped me celebrate my progress and pushed me toward more achievement. I also love keeping up with Moses on Facebook–it keeps me motivated when I am not training.

10/10 So Much Fun
By Somnath Sikdar / Exton, USA

I’ve been working with and training with Moses Correa for over a year now. Moses is both an excellent kettlebell practitioner and instructor. Additionally, he brings his FMS expertise to every class he teaches. Every time I am lucky to observe him instruct he deploys corrections and elicits improvements that mere mortal instructors could only dream of.

Furthermore, Moses is just a blast. Whenever we train and workout together nothing but fun is to be had.

He also has a strong beard.

10/10  A true professional
By John Lauber / Exton, PA, USA

When I train with Moses, I am always in a happy mood. Working with Moses makes the workout less intimidating and as well as fun. Moses has a terrific delivery and tremendous attitude and sense of humor that makes you want to hang out with him. He doesn’t just know how to make you work out, either. Any trainer can give you something to do, but Moses works with you and any functional issues that will help you improve without leaving you in severe pain at the end. I always know I worked out, but I never feel beat up.

That, to me, is a great instructor/trainer and the mark of a true professional. Seek him out if you’re looking for someone to take you to the next level of your fitness journey.

 10/10 A true Professional and Gentleman
By Salim Poindexter / Mt Laurel, USA

I met Moses in the spring of 2009, shortly after the leaving the Army in 2008, of 13 years.
I had been a Master Fitness Trainer while on active duty and met hundreds of “big box tour guides”, however, instantly, upon meeting him. I knew that I had found not only a mentor but also (at the time I didn’t know how good) a good friend. I had been training soldiers to prepare for war, but had not a clue as to train a civilian. Moses’ patience, care, and attention to detail, when dealing with his people (and listening to me to) were nothing short of AMAZING! He truly showed me what it was like to be a true instructor in physical training and not just another “tour guide”.
If you are truly looking for a no-nonsense attitude and serious results whatever you goal. Moses is your man, he’ll show you the way to get better, that’s appropriate for and your sport.

10/10 Moses is the man!
By Michelle Toner / Mount Laurel, USA

My daughter currently trains with Moses and I find his knowledge and expertise unmatched by others in his field. He has successfully helped my daughter build muscle, strength, and stamina, thereby increasing her pitching speed significantly. I have also trained with him over the years, and appreciate his attention to teaching me proper technique above all else. He is a great teacher and has a great sense of humor!

10/10  Talented, Charismatic, and Gets Results
By Pat Flynn / West Chester, PA, USA

Moses is one of a kind, really. His style is charming and charismatic. He is approachable and friendly to all God’s creatures. He has enormous ability. Gets results, and quick, too. He is a talented program designer, and an equally talented group coach. If you get the chance to work with Moses, please do. He is expensive, but worth it.

10/10 Excellent Instructor and gets results

By Dan N/ Medford , NJ, USA

Coming to the world of physical fitness at a relatively late age, I’m blessed to have found a trainer like Moses.  I started at a gym that was very commercial, and the first couple of trainers that I had there were more interested in texting and checking out the young girls than making sure that my form was correct or that I was reaching my fitness goals.  Moses trains me in a way that is always challenging but not punishing, and he’s very good about making sure that I don’t push myself to the point where I’m likely to sustain an injury.  He has also helped me realize the importance of staying flexible and working toward increased mobility, which at my age is extremely important in order to be able to continue working out effectively.”

moses juggle

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