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It seems that there are three reactions to the Turkish Get-Up from fitness buffs and trainees. One is that they love it (I am one of them)  Two: They think that it is pointless and don’t want to do it or begrudgingly practice it. Three: they feel awkward as they do it and the awareness of their lack of mastery of this complex and humbling move makes them hate it. I have all three of these types of people as my students. There are some that love the TGU and are aware of its value and make them move better and get stronger. I have those that need to be pushed to practice it as they were a kid eating their vegetables. Of course lastly, there are the people who just plain old hate it and I can only pull it out on special occasions much like my suit. Now the question is friend, what camp are you in? Does the thought of doing get-ups fill you with fear and make you feel like a buffoon who can’t chew bubble gum and walk at the same time? Or  are you aware of the manifold benefits of this move and practice it often?


If you are any of these people today’s post is for you. This post will both help you get better at the Get-up and show you the areas that you may need improvement in and then give you a few drills to make it better.

First let us review what a proper get will look like:

The Standard.

1.Use both hands to pick up the kettlebell off the ground to the starting position of the floor press and to return to the ground.

2.The wrist on the kettlebell side is straight.

3.The elbow on the kb side must be locked and shoulder packed.

4. The shoulder of the free arm doesn’t shrug up.

5.The heel of the foot on the kettlebell side stays on the ground throughout the movement.

6.The knee touches the floor silently on the return to half- kneeling.

7.The arm holding the kb is vertical or almost vertical.

8. The neck is straight on the top half of the move, from the lunge standing.

9.At the top your knees must be locked and you must remain tall(not leaning back.)

Try to keep this move as smooth as possible. ( Not jerky)

Now if you are like me, just seeing the standard in writing is not good enough for you. So here is a video series to help you with your learning and correction. Follow the progressions in the three videos or at least do the movements until you encounter difficulty with one and spend time perfecting that part before you move on. (if you like your teeth and face.)

The Turkish Get-Up has so many benefits for its practitioner. Don’t be afraid of the move, learn how to do it properly and take your time learning it. If you do you will begin to move better and have to spend less time on mobility and stability, due to the Get-ups ability to make these aspects of fitness better.(If done well). So follow the progressions given in the video and get a coach if you need to. Enjoy the shoulder health and strength it offers.

If you need some more help drop me a line at with the tagline TGU and we can talk about how I will help make your Get-up better and more effective.

(The Turkish Get Up restoring movement for 300+ years)            Image

The Get up a.k.a the humbler of lifters and fitness buffs throughout the centuries. The movement that many cower and shy away from as you would someone who has some kind of contagious disease, because of its challenge. My desire for you is that after reading these last three posts is that you will no longer run away from it  but will embrace this exercise and its incredible benefits.

Today’s post is the continuation of our three-week journey into learning the Get-up. As you may remember we have taken our time over the last few weeks to break down the move into all of its important components. For two basic reasons: first, that it is easier to learn well if we did like that. Second: this type of attention to detail is required to do the get up well as you practice the whole thing from top to bottom

The complete Get up is done by rolling towards the bell in a fetal position and then pulling the bell in with both hands towards the belly button. Then we press the bell up with a packed shoulder and roll to the elbow while bringing your chest over and up. After this you will press your hand into the ground and bring your self up to a “tall sit” bring the leg back to the hand hinge under the weight and then stand up. To finish this exercise you will simply reverse every move. Please be aware that as you go down your moves should look the same as you were standing up.  Finally remember to hold every step for at least three seconds- the get up must be owned, not rushed!

That is it for now friends my hope for you is that you will embrace and practice this awesome exercise that will make you stronger and move better. Practice  and own it.  We will be back next week to give some workout ideas tot train the get up.

Happy training friends!

As I mentioned last week the Get up is a complicated move and many don’t even come close to even having halfway decent technique. So my friend and co-owner of Killing It With Kettlebells South Jersey Mark Mellohusky and I decided to make a teaching series. We chose to break down the Get up in three parts in order to ensure that our viewers are doing it well and safely. Also, we are aware that the TGU can look scary so we though it would be less intimidating as a  step by step process. Anyway enough blabbing about that, let’s dig in!

Before we begin, let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should do the get-up

  • The Turkish Get up builds mobility: Due to the all of the movement patterns in the move we have to develop full ranges of motion throughout in order to accomplish it. We need to have good shoulder mobility and hip mobility otherwise you will not be able to get to the next step.
  • The TGU teaches us to immobilize( Stabilize) in a dynamic way: Think about it, you have to hold a kettlebell in place as you do the steps. It is as simple as that.
  • The TGU fires all the muscles of the core: Yes it will work your abs but it also works the internal stuff. Which is very useful for low back safety and athletic performance. These are some but not all of the benefits.

Are you ready to experience them for yourself?

Last week we covered the first few steps, so I won’t review them but if you need to, you can go here to see them :

This week we are going to learn how to get to the half kneeling portion. This part of the get up demands great stability in a way that can benefit your lunging movements and single leg stance. In order to do this move we need to get to the post to the hand part of the exercise and then do the leg sweep move. This is accomplished by lifting your hips up into a bridge (as in the video) or simply bringing the knee back to and inline with your hand that is on the ground.

Make sure that you keep your hand pressed into the ground and then hinge your hip under the weight. Then get to a half kneeling position while keeping your shoulder packed. You now have gotten the get up about half way done! Nice work!

Stay tuned next week and we will finish the Get up together in the meantime practice these components and perfect them. Remember also to share this post and blog with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to get our posts right into your email inbox.

Once again I present to you the Killing It With Kettlebells Kettlebell Workout of the week:

 Know when to hold ’em

This week’s workout is a heinous complex in its own right! It will involve anywhere from  16kg to 24kg for men and for women 8 to 16 kg.

This workout is done by doing one arm swings for thirty seconds and rack holds for thirty seconds.

The rules are:

1. Do as many rounds as you can with good form for 5 to 8 minutes

2. Rest as much as you need to, but only as much as you have to.

3. Breathe: make sure to match up your breathing with your one arm swings(in on the bottom and out on the top) and as you are holding breathe, but don’t completely relax ( you have a kettlebell in the rack) So breath with tight abs as if someone were sitting on your stomach.

4. Enjoy the challenge!