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Wanting to fit in is a normal human desire and although it isn’t a bad thing in itself, it can influence you to be less than what you are meant to be. I don’t know how many times in the past, I have let this desire control what I said and did. As a result, I had regret and I may have robbed the other person of a chance to grow and improve. Now, I am not saying to correct everyone of every mistake that you may think that they are making or to do so without getting to know the first, but to do so when the time is appropriate and the need is really there.

There is also the need to hold on to ideas so tightly that no other information whether contradictory or even additional thought that is inline with the person’s current ideology isn’t accepted.

These two mindsets are a great way to get stuck inside of a confined space or inside of a box. You see, thinking inside of a box makes what you can do smaller, whom you can help lessen and makes your own world much tinier than it needs to be.

I am not saying to not have some guiding principles for life or for your training, I am simply saying to let those guidelines continually expand and evolve by learning from your mistakes, tracking each workout to see if what you are doing is working. Also have some sort of assessment to do once a month, that can objectively show you if it is. It can be measurements, inbody testing, movement screens one rep max testings, conditioning circuits that once killed and that you can now beat. Whatever fits your goals and that can help you get to the next level in your training.

Lastly when something new comes along get as much information about it as you can, critically evaluate it and make an informed decision on it even if it means that you must change your view and approach. If you do, you will begin to think outside the box and end up better for it!



Just about two weeks ago I was talking to a friend about their limp as they walked around. Out of concern, I asked the person what was wrong and their response was, “I threw my back out.” I then wished them well and immediately after I did, this person told me how he got hurt. “I can remember when it happened; (about his back pain) I was brushing my teeth!” I then began to think about how that was not the case. You see he didn’t get hurt by his good dental habits. In fact his back injury probably started in his youth and then finally appeared on that fateful day.

After reading that last paragraph you may think –“what does this story have to do with training?” Was the person active? No, he or she wasn’t. In fact this particular person is a bit overweight and pretty unhealthy. So I guess you would expect him or her to have gotten hurt. However, if you have been paying attention, you will notice many fit people have bad backs and other such injuries, when they are supposed to be the healthiest people. Why then is that the case? I will share some reasons with you in this following post, so read on and be ready to think.

First thing first we must understand that if we are training for results and not just going through the motions, there is an inherit risk factor in so doing. So if any of us are looking for an excuse not to be fit,  you will not get it on this blog. In fact, I am a big proponent of intelligent progressive overload, periodization and the other various laws that must be followed to be successful in your fitness. Yet, there is a balance and even these wonderful principles and they must be balanced out in order to keep having success.


Failure to approach your fitness training from this viewpoint over the long haul can and most likely will lead to health problems and a lack of results from your training. Most exercisers and trainers are familiar with this fact and the smartest trainees will waive the load and movements in order to ensure that this will not happen to them.

However, there is still more to safety in our training then just a periodized program. (As smart as that is) In fact there has been a direct link to movement quality and injury from our exercise program and recreation endeavors. A good example is when people want to do an overhead press, but lack the requisite shoulder mobility and the results are not only ugly form as the person presses. But a very dangerous compensation that leads to lumbar hyper-extension while pressing, often resulting in too much compression on the lumbar spine and overuse of the low back extensors in the long run.

As a result one day while the person is simply going about their daily activities and they brush their teeth as in our earlier example or pick up a light bucket and strain their spinal muscles. You see the event when that injury appeared wasn’t completely to blame. Rather the person’s lack of ability to move well, compounded with loading which resulted in this injury. So in other words this person’s training hurt them. Not the said event alone!

This whole process for the most part could be avoided through a focus on proper mechanics and loading, having/maintaining adequate mobility and stability and finally doing things as waiving their training loads taking rest days and so-on. In other words if you want to get results for the long run and stay as injury free as possible, you will have to think, plan and log your training sessions. You will also have to be patient as you train and make what you may perceive as slow and steady progress.

Your training should not result in you being sick, tired and injured. It should however, lead to a better life of strength, health, independence, self-confidence and most of all progress! It is simple to do but may require a paradigm shift in your thinking and actions. But if you do, you will live a better quality of life and continue to make progress constantly as you train. It is up to you, you must choose what you are going to do. Will you keep ending up injured? Or will you begin to train for your goals and safety


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The other day I was listening to the radio and a pretty good song came on entitled: “I want to get better.” I jammed out a bit and even thought about going as far as to download the song to my I-tunes account. Afterwards as a true introvert, I thought about the song and how its lyrics and verses apply to my life and  fitness.

As I reflected on this song and my life, I realized that is my whole view of  life and fitness. I began to think about how very far from perfect that I am and that my goal is to simply just continue to get better as I live and train. Ever since I adopted this philosophy in my life, I have experienced less stress and unrealistic pressure to be perfect in any of my pursuits or obligations. I think that this mindset can help you do the same as well.

As you know strength training, moving better, having better endurance are all a process and take time and effort. In light of that it is easy to begin to get down on yourself and only see your areas of weakness and all of the potential negative things in your life. The results of this mindset are often discouragement and a poor self-image in those who tend to adopt and practice it. If this is you, I have a principle for you that if you adopt this mindset it will help you as you are seeking to overcome your perceived issues.

In a good training program with overload and modalities that will begin to address your issues and make them better, every-time you get a rep in and so-on you are getting better. Now everything may not be perfect and that is okay as long as you want to perfect it. I will use the example of a personal best in the overhead press. Let’s say the first time you do a load that you haven’t been able to do and it ends up a bit “ugly” in its form. Instead of thinking how bad you did because it wasn’t perfect, you should think about the fact that  you did do it. Then you can begin to work on your form and make it better as you continue to train, one step at a time.

While you are working on it, you also need to realize that it may not necessarily get better easily and may take some time, a lot of stability work, regression and so-on to make it better. While you are doing this, the mindset that will help you if you adopt it, is to get one percent better each session. I know that doesn’t seem like much. But it is realistic and completely possible to do consistently, it removes the stress and performance anxiety as well. Also if you continue to do it, before you know it you will be better and will have overcome your struggles.



As far as I see it you only have a few choices here: you can keep thinking that you should be perfect and that everything all the time should come easy to you. You can also feel bad about yourself and become discouraged or you can adopt this mindset of aiming to make progress every-time even if it is a little. If you choose that and follow through with it, you will continue to make progress over a lifetime as you continue to learn and train to get better. The choice is yours friends, I have already made mine!

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If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that my dog Zoey is my dear friend and that she teaches me lessons at various times. The last one that I learned from her was about being even bolder when necessary. (You can read about it here) Just lately I have been contemplating another lesson that this dog is teaching me and that is enjoying the simple things while being content.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I have become someone whom has no desire to get and do better. Just that I am learning how to enjoy life more in spite of the fact that I am not completely where I want to be in my goals. I watch Zoey live and play every day, she will grab a stick and munch away at it as if it were the most wonderful play toy ever and yes and boxes as well. They become fun playthings for her to tear up and carry around as she goes about her day.

 (Cute puppy warning!)

As I have watched her live and play for over a year now, I have learned that I make things too difficult for myself. I worry about some arbitrary standard that I set up for myself that just ends up stealing the joy out of my life and causes me not to live in present moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating not working hard or living in some goalless existence, but that I have decided to balance out my life with work and some play when I can. Most of all, I have decided to enjoy the things that I must do. I will enjoy my barbell, kettlebell and movement work. I will and do enjoy my writing projects; I will enjoy helping others and working hard on their behalf in order to help them experience real and lasting change in their fitness and health.

You see the conclusion that I have come to is that we all must do things in order to survive and live the best that we can. Just like Zoey must be a dog and do the things that dogs have to do. Yet she enjoys every moment of it. So today and for the rest of my life, I will enjoy the little things and adopt a perspective of joy as I go about my days. Will you join me in this endeavor? Will you choose to be happy and enjoy the small things? If you do, you will have a better quality of life and be a lot better to be around as a result!

“I am just not getting results my training.” “I can’t seem to make any progress.” If I had a dollar for every time that I hear that phrase, I would be a rich man by now! If you have read any of my writings before, you have noticed that I often speak of a balanced approach to fitness and training in order to get results. Of course this is a more challenging approach to training and it requires that we use our brain to plan and watch how our body responds to our stimulus to our training. We need to see if our workouts are leading to continual progress and not just blindly do more in hopes of improving. If you have taken that approach, you already know that it leads to nothing but frustration and a burning out that could have been prevented if an intelligent training approach were utilized.

I myself have experienced this at various times. Just recently, I trained for three months to get stronger in my kettlebell overhead press and after all of my work, I missed my lift. I was extremely frustrated and discouraged by my failure. But instead of trying to do more, I decided not to press for a week and Bam as Emeril would say, I nailed it!

However, even that is not perfect and we cannot continue to keep on “going up” without a “waved” approach of some sort. That is what today’s posy is about, rest. You know the thing that most people who train think is for wimps. Yet these are the people who never make any true progress in their training, their form on their movements gets continually worse, they are worn out and in pain constantly. They also think that everyone else that trains is the same way and if not they are not “hardcore.”

I am very aware of this mind set, because it was the way that I used to think and let me tell you it leads to nothing but injuries that I could have avoided, if I only trained better! I would have made better progress as well in addition to most likely avoiding the issues that I am in some ways dealing with to this day. So that brings me to my point for the day that being  the one thing that everyone can to make their own training more effective. Ready to hear it- rest! That’s right the feared four letter word of many fitness buffs and strong people. The act that makes some trainees feel like they will not make progress if they do it, yet time and time again as they begin to practice it they see huge gains in their fitness, muscle size, strength levels and so- on!

Oftentimes we train so much due to a strong desire to get our goals and as we go on we get tired , our central nervous system wears down. Then the result is a lack of further gains and then even a loss of some of the gains that we have achieved up to this point. Then all kinds of other signs of over- training kick in such as: a loss of motivation, we get sick, we can’t sleep and even males penis will not work so well and will at time not be able to get erect. Lastly we get injured due to a break down in our training form and in our body. All of this can be avoided by practicing the dreaded four letter word from before, REST!

In addition to this fact of consistent progress, if you rest before a P.R. attempt, you also have a much better chance of “smashing” it due to your brain (CNS) and body being recovered. You may not be aware of this fact that, but you are a lot stronger than you think if you just give your systems what they need as far as rest and nutrition go. So this may be your missing link as far as hitting a new record goes for you. This is not the only possible factor, but it probably is if you have been consonantly overloading your system by training heavy, fast and so-on. So give it a shot and take days and even up to a week to recover. You still want to be active, but just take time off from heavy weights or switch to a different movement pattern and then re-test again after a little lay-off and watch and see you smash your new record as I did!

The gym is an interesting place to work. It is a mix of fragile egos, arrogant people, nice people, intelligent ones and what some people may consider not so smart humans. I have learned so much about human behavior since I have been working at this wonderful place. One of those lessons is that so many people do not use their brains and pay attention to what is going on “in them” or around them. I have seen people walk right in front of swinging kettlebells, underneath people doing pull-ups and on top of members doing push-ups. (OK you got me that last one is made up!) So one of my biggest lessons that I teach people early on is to pay attention and be aware at all times for safety reasons and for performance as well.


Having said all of that, I also teach that there is a time to turn off their brain and “just get it.” Although it seems that both concepts are in diametric opposition to one another, I am going to show you that they are not and that there is a time and place for everything!


Thinking and focusing on what you are doing are important factors in fitness, especially when you are trying to improve your form and or learning something new. However, over-thinking and using your brain at the wrong time can lead to poor performance of a goal or of a personal best! Don’t get me wrong, we have to use our brains to plan and examine if we want true and lasting fitness results. It is just when we approach a p.r. of some kind our brain seems to be the thing that hinders our success more than anything.

 More often than not we miss a lift or something like that, because we simply let our brain “sike” us out of our “mojo.” Think about it have you ever approached a new thing that you trained for and all of a sudden, your mind says to you can’t do it!” It is at the point that you need to quiet down your mind, breathe and do the thing! You see if you have been training for this particular event or thing and you have done so wisely than you are ready and need to trust that fact more than your feelings of inadequacy and weakness. In other words, you need to shut off your brain and just do it!

This is especially true if you have religiously practiced the same thing over and over again. A good example is the back squat. You get psyched up, step towards the bar. Get under it and get tight while breathing in deeply. You step back three steps. Breathe in again and pull yourself down into the “hole. Finally you come up explosively with good form. Now when you go to set a record, just do the same thing. Use your brain to make sure that your test is reasonable, but use “brute force” to lift it!

So as you can see there is a balance when it comes to training and fitness. We need to plan and rationalize our training and programming and make sure that we are being as intelligent as possible. However, when it comes to going for a record, you’ll need to trust your training and just do everything that you have been doing the whole time. Remember training is synonymous with practice and repetition. So focus on your training and trust the process. So that when it comes to your test/personal record you will be able to shut your brain up and get it done!


I grew up with three older brothers and I am the youngest of all of us. My brothers were very impressive athletes.  My oldest brother was incredibly strong and got amazing results in his training. I always joke about him and say that if he just looked at a weight he got stronger and more jacked. Then there were the twins who were awesome basketball players and one of them was a very good boxer. So needless to say, I felt insecure as I grew up and  constantly compared myself to them and their accomplishments.



“Those who compare them selves by others are not wise”  The Apostle Paul


Many years have passed and I have learned a bit about my thought patterns, the way that I talked to myself and the power that they had over my life. I am by no means a sport-psychologist-  but I have a few thoughts that will help you get to your goals if you use them as I am learning to do!

A lot of our  failures can be linked to a certain way of thinking. For example, if you think you can never meet a goal you probably won’t. You will most likely not put any  or a half- hearted effort into your pursuit of it and then tell yourself that  you have “done your best.” When in reality you have not nearly put enough effort into accomplishing your task. I believe this is a big part of the reason that so many people never meet their fat-loss/fitness goals.

Think about it for a second, how do you respond when you fail?  (Which by the way will  happen-one wise person said that “if you never fail, you  probably aren’t getting better!“) (Not me :p) Do you respond with self-deprecating thoughts and speech? This can be a good sign that you have adopted a failure mindset. Do you compare yourself with others, thinking that they are better than you and or that they  never fail? Then once again, you have adopted an unrealistic attitude towards yourself and others. Everybody fails, even super successful people. The key is to learn something every time you fail. Thomas Edison said that he didn’t fail, but learned how not to do something 10,000 times. Do you see the power of perspective?! Was Thomas Edison successful in his goal of making a light bulb?

There are also a ton of other people throughout history that have had an unrelenting attitude towards their goals and have chosen to be strong in spite of their challenges. Then in time they have overcome their difficulty and made history as a result. However , in order to not over-stress that point-let’ s get in the meat of today’s post!  Change is always a process, it will the same as you endeavor to change your old non-productive mind-set for a new productive one. But, if you are willing to put in the work of discipline to change your speech and thoughts you will be transformed into a new person as a result.

Now for the practical application: When you mess up or make a mistake, think of it as it is a learning experience and a chance to get better. In fact one of the best ways that our brain learns is from failure! So start to say and think positive things about yourself, don’t say things such as “I will never be able to do it, instead you should think and say that “I just can’t do it right now” This is a very realistic thought process and will help you begin to have more motivation to continue to pursue  the process of getting better! Also have the mindset of patience with yourself especially if you are learning how to do something new and or better.

Now that you have learned to treat yourself better and that you have developed a new mindset towards yourself. Begin to treat other people the same way. We need to be careful not to make others have the same issues that we have dealt with and are dealing with, treat others as you want to be treated. The great thing about changing from your old mindset is that you are now free to treat others the same way!

As you can see there is a huge value in changing your thinking. So get out there and get to it and get better! Your life and your fitness results will begin to be better than you could ever imagine. Especially if you have the right kind of instruction on how to get results!

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Writing is awesome to me, there are times when it has purging effect on my mind. It is as if all of the things that I may hold inside can be brought out in a constructive way and help others at the same time. Today’s post is one of those, I have so much information and want to give some of it to others and hopefully by the end of this rant, you will get at least one useful thing to help you or a least to make you laugh!

(Disclaimer this post will be a series of rants and are all not fitness related.)

Rant #1: Trying to fit in:
There is something strange to me about human nature, that is the desire to be different yet at the same time trying to fit into the crowd. I sometimes see the mob of people as a Where’s Waldo book. Everyone looks the same and only one person stands out, in this case Waldo. Are you aware that being controlled by the desire to fit in will not only make you miserable but also  create more  stress in you life? But in addition to that will rob you of most (if not all) of your ability to make a difference in the world.Think about it, all of the people who have created change were people who didn’t want to fit in, but saw a need and then did something to fix it. A perfect example of this was Dr. Martin Luther King JR.. He wasn’t willing to just settle for the ideals of society, but labored to change what the status quo was at the time. So if you want to make a diffidence, don’t be afraid to stand out and to share the truth in a respectful way. Even if you only influence one as a result!


Rant#2 Not working hard enough in training:
This is almost as much of a problem as working too hard and not recovering properly . Both of these issues will cause the trainee to not get much results from their time at the gym. This may be the number one reason that so many people don’t get anywhere in their goals.

If you want results you must:

A. Have the right load and do the right amount of reps for that load.

B. Not go to failure, never let your form break down. Not only is it dangerous, you also will not get any results from it.

Just keep in mind that there is no progress without struggle. However, you must struggle safely or else you will not see change! be balanced friends!

Rant#3  Receiving advice and never-changing:
I see this one all of the time, when some one is a professional they are often asked questions to help others. That in itself is that big of an issue. Yet, I have noticed that most of these people  never follow through. I have two theories as to why that is:
1. The question asker really doesn’t want a solution and just wanted the expert to justify their present situation and mindset.

2. They do not value the information that they are given. That can usually be fixed by putting a price on services rendered.

People who practice this trait can bring a lot of frustration and stress to the adviser. So if you are such a person, be honest about your motives and follow through when given good advice.

There it is friends, my purging post (LOL). I hope that some of these rants helped you and or maybe helped you to think differently about things. What are some rants that you have my friends? Feel free to post them below!

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This post was written specifically for those doing the 300 swing a day challenge. However its ideas are good for anybody that is training for anything. Whether it be a race, a lifting meet, fat loss or a kettlebell certification. Use these thoughts to help over the long haul.

Remember to always keep your eyes in the goal!

The timer rang it is the 10th round and I feel like I haven’t had any rest on my 30 sec. break. Sweat is in my eyes my hands hurt and I have to pay attention to the details of my technique all in addition to trying not to get hit. On top of all of these challenges my mind is telling me that I cannot do it and that I should just quit, considering that I still had three rounds to go.” It will be ok,  your coach knows that you are trying really hard and still will accept your effort” it said as I stepped back into the ring to get the round started.

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”
Rocky Balboa 2006

Can any of you relate to this? Here we all are in the third week of our 300 swing challenge and we are all feeling tired and maybe even a bit resentful towards the kettlebell swing. You may even feel like you are being reduced to your youth and being forced to eat your vegetables such as Brussel sprouts and Lima beans. (Btw they still make me gag.) Your Glutes and hands may be sore and all that you can do is think about the time when you don’t have to do any more Kettlebell swings. Ahh! April 1st will be so great you may think, all of this will be over with!

Feeling like this is absolutely normal and it is because the mental fatigue that you are experiencing as you train. (If you are not experience this, your loading is probably too light.) Now the key is not to deny or let this feelings control you but to stay in the fight and to be strong in spite of them!
It seems funny to me how the brain will fight against the very things that build us up and make us stronger in the long run. Yet that is exactly what happens to us. Have you ever tried to go for a PR that you knew you could do and you followed all of the steps of form and progression and your form went to hell quick? If so you are now aware that you have to be stronger than your mind and subconscious in order to get to the point of victory. This challenge will be the same. This is the reason why it is a challenge, because you must overcome something.

what is the point of all of this? Why am I writing a post like this? Simply because I am aware of the mental fatigue that grabs a hold of you as you train and how the temptation to quit can overcome you. So instead of quitting, dig your heels into the floor and decide to be iron. Not only will challenge make you leaner and stronger physically. But will also make you mentally strong which as you are aware is a key to success.

In conclusion, friends hang in there keep swinging with quality form and if you need to, split up your swings throughout the day. Just whatever you do: do not quit and or  lower your weight, the people that we all always admire are the ones somehow  find a way to overcome, Choose to be an over comer today!

Keep swinging friends!
Moses Correa
The Ranter

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A rant on confronting honestly confronting our weaknesses.

Are you motivated? Really motivated?
Our attitude and response to those that are trying to help us, shows the reality of our mindset.
Do you argue with the people who have the training to help you?
Or do you follow their advice?
Have you made any real changes? Or are you “stuck”?

Watch the video for my rant on this topic and some friendly advice to make the task of change a little bit easier.

Enjoy friends and share this post with those that could use its advice and challenge!

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