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how to choose a training program flexibilty

I don’t spend time on flexibility, because it won’t make me look good.” stated a fellow trainer at a gym that I worked at. Which I replied to by saying  “you are right  it won’t”, but you still need to do it.” While working at that same gym where I had this conversation, I can remember seeing people come and go and never do anything about their flexibility. Most of these people moved like Frankenstein and couldn’t do basic movements that were essential for their safety, due to a lack of  flexibility. The laws of flexibility are the same as any other fitness pursuit, if you don’t use, it you lose it!. Today’s post will both encourage to train flexibility and give you some sample stretches and programs to practice.

Much like  any other quality in fitness, training flexibility is often either overdone or underdone by fitness enthusiasts. On the one hand we have people who stretch only (usually  yoga practitioners there is nothing wrong with yoga, I am just saying there needs to be a balance.) Of course on the other side of the spectrum we have people who never stretch and only do strength and those things that make them look good. I hope by now you see that we need to do both. For yogis being strong will keep your flexibility safe and for my strength friends being flexible will make you stronger!

how to choose a training program flexibiltyIt is funny how on both ends of the spectrum, we have people who think it is a wus thing to  stretch and the other end  people who think  those who strength train are idiots. There are of course instances that this can be true (chuckle, chuckle) however overall it isn’t so. As I stated before we need to balance out our strength with flexibility and our flexibility with strength. There are a few ways that you can do that:

First , you can warm-up with stretching and mobilizing our ares that we need to work on.

Second, you can do them in between our sets as  you are recovering

Third, you can do it after you train for aid in recovery.

Fourth, stretch and mobilize throughout the day, especially if you have a seated job.

It all really depends on how much that you have to do and the time that you can put into it. However as you see the one thing that  you don’t have is an excuse. If you really want to be the best that you can be and to have good health you will  want to use one or more of these ideas to improve this important part of fitness. Now the best way to stretch in general is simply to work on patterns or if your screen shows you that you have a need to do isolated stretches then you can and should.

Some general stretches are the Brettzel stretches:

These two could be enough stretching for most people.

There also is the frog stretch for those who want to do a side split and or want to squat as deep as they can:

The kneeling hip flexor stretch again for squat depth and for those who have a seated job:

Finally we have bridging movements:

Hopefully by now you are aware of your need for flexibility and any issues that you may have. Use these drills to keep yourself moving well and to stay training for a longtime. If you just started to read this blog today or missed some of the posts leading up to this post click here to read them.

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proepr movementYears ago I was very lean and seemed to work very hard in my training sessions.  I maintained a low body fat ,ate well and did all of the things that I was supposed to do as a”good” trainer . Yet I still got a seriously injured and then another one immediately after that. I remember the pain that I experienced when my first injury happened, a pulled calf.  After I was mostly healed I  then got injured again this time pulled muscles in my ribs. Why is all of this important, because this post is about proper movement and its role for safety  and effectiveness in training.

As you may remember from my introductory post ( last week)  I stated that there are certain principles that have to be present in any program in order to be truly fit. The first and most important is proper movement and should be the basis  and foundation of all of your training.

Now that I have made you aware of the importance of proper movement in training. You may ask your self: How do I know what it looks like or what the standard is? The answer to that question lies in one word: assessment. In order to know where we are at and to compare us to a standard we need to test our ability against it. A good example of this principle is in our education system, wherein we test someone in order to find out what they know and what they need. Or in the medical community we get assessments to find out where we are in our health against the standard of health. I.e. blood tests, blood pressure tests and the dreaded cough test for men! With movement and fitness we have one such test: The Functional Movement Screen.

proper movementthe FMS screen compares our movement with that of our early development. (before we were injured or developed bad habits) If you don’t believe that a babies movement is without compensation try to do some of the things that they do such as: crawling, rolling, squatting, etc. and you will probably quickly realize that you are far from the standard of perfect movement.

proper movement

The great thing is that the screen not only shows us our weaknesses in movement, but it also helps us to develop a strategy to correct our issues. Without an assessment system we will most likely be doing things that will not fix us but make us worse. A good example of this is when people assume that because they cannot touch their toes, they must have “tight” hamstrings. That however may not be the case at all usually tightness is your body trying to compensate for an unstable joint somewhere in the movement chain. In this case stretching will make that issue worse!

Now that you know your need to be screened, I want to share with you some of the benefits of getting a movement assessment and correctives.

1. You will burn more fat as you train:
Oftentimes we are getting nowhere  near the threshold needed to use mostly fat as energy in our training. Simply because our compensations that cause us to get prematurely fatigued ensure that we never break through our threshold. So if you are having trouble making progress in your fat loss/conditioning, then you will want to get screened and get better in you weak areas.( that all of us have)

picking a program part 2
2.You will be able to get rid of your tightness:
Through screening you will begin to realize the “why” behind your issues with tightness and then be given proven strategies to overcome it. You will begin to feel better and move freely without the compensations in your movement patterns that are causing you problems.

3. You will learn how to fix all of your crappy form on the exercises that you may struggle with:
So many movements get a bad name, e.g. squats are bad for your knees, push ups are bad for your shoulders, etc. No movement is really bad for you, just how it’s done can be bad. A lot of times we simply cannot get the form right because all the assisting muscles of the movement are not working together to get it done. Being screened will expose these issues and give you progressive way to overcome the issues that you may be dealing with and ultimately make your movements safer to train. We are talking about a 30% less chance of injury, that goes a long way.
picking a program part 2
As always any blog post is too small to tell you all of the reasons why we should pursue proper movement in your training, I was able to give you a few in this post. First, we must be screened and not assume that we are moving well. Just as people who have high blood pressure usually feel ok until assessed by a blood pressure cuff and then given corrective strategies to overcome it. After being screened we need to be diligent to do our correctives in order to ensure our movement quality. As you do you will begin to experience the freedom of movement and the happiness it brings. Also if your program doesn’t address this need it probably is wrong for you and will leave you with problems and injury in the long run.

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Have you ever been stuck in line behind someone who just can’t decide what they want? I was behind a person one time at subway and they kept changing their mind on what they wanted. They would say Oh I want this…. wait no I want and so on. By the way have you noticed this only happens when you are in a rush! (Murphy’s law) I digress though, I believe that  this type of indecisiveness  comes from a lack of knowledge and conviction on what is good or not and or a fear of missing out if you choose one particular thing.

Many people treat their fitness this way they randomly bounce from program to program and gadget to gadget thinking that it will bring them results. However people like this rarely get anywhere near their goals and blame it on factors out of their control, such as their age, thyroid etc. I can only blame it on one thing lack of real knowledge of training and how the body works in relation to it.
ImageNot all training programs are created equal. There are certain fundamental facts that must be present in any training program in order for it to be effective in all of the areas needed in health and fitness. These are proper movement, strength, conditioning , flexibility and minimalism . If any of these are missing from your program will leave you lacking in a very important aspects of fitness and more importantly your health. I will cover each of these topics one by one over the next few weeks so watch for that.

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81713 002The new year is finally here and many will take the pilgrimage to the gym and or will want to learn a new skill. Considering the headway that kettlebell training is making many are beginning to utilize them in their training. Oftentimes this leads to people who are completely unqualified to utilize this tool giving them a bad name in the medical community and an irrational fear of kettlebell training and basic human movement.

In fact just the other day I witnessed the a horrific “swing”  being done as I was working out.  The person’s head was bobbing up and down, their knees were moving back and forth over their toes and they were pulling with their arms. Now I am aware that some of those can happen when someone is learning.  However  this “instructor”  did absolutely nothing to correct it, relaying on what Pat Flynn will call the miracles of God to fix.

Today’s post is  about how to learn to perform the kettlebell swing without developing any major dangerous mistakes in the movement. So watch the video and copy the progressions given out in it.

Enjoy friends and Swing in the New Year with this awesome fat burning and simple to do move.

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One of the worst thing I see as an instructor is that my colleges in the industry don’t progress people , or worse yet they put fitness on top of dysfunction. This usually comes out them not having the knowledge to do what they are trying to get the person to do. Then there also the weak people who has not established the trainer to trainee relationship and as a result are robbing their clients.

porr training

We as fitness coaches need to make our people understand that everything that is good in life must be earned. We cannot have a good career without being continually educated and working our rears off for it. We wouldn’t walk unless we earned it through a process of development and even falling down at times. Why we do we think that it would be different when we train. We do we want to do the ” advanced” stuff and not work on the basics and earn the ability to a movement. I think of the pistol squat as an example it is a move that needs to progressed into in order to be safe and done well. Yet I have seen those that have “jumped the gun” and they have a horrible one leg squat as a result. Or there are those people who give up because it didn’t happen yet.



The moral of this story keep on working and earn the next step!

Exercise coach Moses Correa

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The High Plains Drifter

This week’s workout of the week’s name is inspired by a classic Clint Eastwood movie and will burn fat as fast as he can draw his pistol. As our society becomes busier we need a way to get fit, burn fat and work on our mobility with a minimum time commitment. This workout is exactly that and if used properly will get you to your fat loss goals while building some muscle. Remember it is such a good workout it has ole’ Clint’s mug on it!

How to perform The High Plains Drifter Kettlebell Workout Complex:

The Exercises:

Double Kettlebell Clean 10 x if you want to condition and 2 x with heavy bells if you want to build strength.
Double Kettlebell Front Squat 5 x for conditioning and 2 for strength with heavy bells
Double Kettlebell Rack Carry 25 to 50 steps

What size bell should you use:

Any where from 16 Kg to 32 kg depending on what you want to do with it. (more reps or less, condition or strengthen. You can also alternate these on different days- such as do heavy one day and lighter the next training session.)

The guidelines for success:

As with anything worthwhile there are a few simple guidelines to follow to make this workout both safe and effective.

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern ( in on the bottom of the swing movements and out on the top. In on the way down in a squat and out on the way up)
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism

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A few days back I received a question from a viewer and friend about mobility training. This video answers his question with the most beneficial time to do it in order to get a better training session. So go ahead read and share this post/ video- so that I can help as many as possible to get the best training that they can get.

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“I can’t figure out this workout” exclaimed person A, when I showed him the complex we were going to train with. “Why can’t you make easier to remember workouts?!” This brought me to the conclusion that although more complicated kettlebell complexes are very useful. We sometimes need to “make it as simple as possible- but no simpler!” That is what today’s complex is a very simple workout that “even a cave man can do !”

 However, don’t take its simplicity as it being less effective. Because it is a smoker if you follow my set guidelines for  it.   This workout will banish fat forever  while building muscle if it is in conjunction with a good nutrition plan.

KIWK SJ Kettlebell Workout of the week:

The Cleaner

 How to do it-

It is done by cleaning two bells 5 to 10 times each round and taking a loaded “rack” walk for time or the distance that your best judgement calls for. (50 steps is a good place to start with) You will repeat this for 10 to 20 minutes as long as you can keep your form!

The guidelines for success:

As with anything worthwhile there are a few simple guidelines to follow to make this workout both safe and effective.

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern ( in on the bottom of the swing movements and out on the top.)
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism

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Thanksgiving has passed us by and although we all enjoyed the company of family and all of the great food. We may be experiencing the guilt of overeating and the remorse of breaking our “diets.” Only if there was a workout that would both save time and help us burn off many of the calories and guilt that we may be experiencing. Once again, we would like to offer you hope as superman would to a damsel in distress. That hope is the KIWK SJ kettlebell workout of the week:

The Calorie crusher!

As we always strive to bring you simple workouts that are effective. This one is no different all that you need is a kettlebell and a focus to perform quality reps along with a toughness to endure the challenge of this workout.

It is done by performing 5 dead-swings, 3 goblet squats and a heartbeat carry for the time or distance of your choosing. Keep this going for 15 minutes and perform as many quality reps that you can in the time allowed.

The guidelines for success:

As with anything worthwhile there are a few simple guidelines to follow to make this workout both safe and effective.

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern ( in on the bottom of the swing movements and out on the top, In on the way down on the squat and out on the top)
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect ,raised metabolism and the burning of many of your excess calories from thanksgiving!

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The Importance of TRULY Warming Up
 Getting ready for your workout deserves as much thought and consideration as your training program itself. Your movement quality should be THE most important area of concentration prior to and during each and every workout. Trainees need to wean themselves off of the idea that doing a 5-10 minute “warm-up” on the treadmill or bike will prepare them for the demands of their workout. “Warm-Ups” such as these do little or nothing to adequately prepare trainees for their workouts. An ideal Warm-Up program needs to incorporate mobility and strength drills in order to address movement quality which is necessary for avoiding injury and putting the trainee in a position of success as they pursue their training goals. If you don’t move well during your training, there is a good chance that you will reinforce bad patterns into your movement system which can trigger a wide range of unwanted issues and problems including injury.
Coach Correa is pictured leading trainees through one of his many excellent, well designed warm ups that safely prepares the student for the more intense activity to follow.

Intro. By Coach Mark Mellohusky.
A sample warmup progression:
Start off with mobility- most of the time it will come  first and before stability.  Doing the leg lower drill will develop hip mobility and pelvic control . Do 5 each side and if there is an asymmetry (imbalance) present,then do 5 more on that side again.
This drill is done by lifting up both legs with your hips flat on the ground. Then simply lower your calf to the ground as you keep the other in the starting position.  Alternate your legs to get  to the desired reps or any tightness out.
Then we can move onto shoulder mobility by doing a T- spine rotation drill.  Here is a simple one, the lying rotation with reach.
Start this movement in the fetal position. Then by turning your head and shoulder at the same time rotate your torso until you touch your shoulder-blade to the floor. Make sure that you keep your knees “glued” together as you do the movement.  Do the same rep range as the first move.
Now comes squat mobility or a hip opener to prepare the brain for the upcoming session.
The frog stretch:
Do the moves as the video shows, put the side of your knees flat on the ground and get into a fully extended position with your arms locked and then squat down .  Do the drills shown in the video  in the order given.
Next we move on to the dreaded hip flexors:
This is a very short-range of motion exercise that is often done wrong  by people “dumping” their hips. In order not to do that- don’t let your front knee move forward as you stretch. Instead, aim your glute towards the upper wall in front of you and press that way. Remember to squeeze your glutes and press your hands down into your knee.
This also can be a hip stability exercise or for static motor control.
Now just as a baby develops we will take this warm up to a primal movement or a crawl position. An easy one that I find if done well that’s very effective is the walk-down. This is very simple to do – start in a standing position and then touch the floor with your fingers or palms. Then begin to walk your hands forward as your body gets in a push-up position until you get your arms as far out in front of you as you can not bow. Then return to the starting point and repeat for 5 high quality reps.
Lastly, we will finish this sample sequence with a body weight squat. Do five reps with perfect control and technique and then you can start your training session. If you did this with minimal rest it should have taken 10 mins at the most and would have caused you to touch on all of the human movements.
What I have given you here is a sample and the principles are easy to follow. First, mobility must be addressed so I put the hip hinge mobility drill first then the shoulder mobility exercise. Afterwards I added in stability moves that would address any workout because it hits all of the patterns available in human movement.  That is what a good warm up consists of and it is so much more effective than walking on a treadmill for 10 mins.

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