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                 Private Online Coaching                 

Do not wait or procrastinate . Private coaching spots go quickly. 

           *Be sure to read carefully the requirements below before applying.*

I want to share my effective fitness ideas that have changed lives with you!

I want to help you cut through all of the confusion of fitness.

I also want to help you  avoid the mistakes that will waste your time and leave you without lasting change.

Most importantly, I want to help you get the results you want but haven’t been able to get no matter how hard you try.


My online coaching program is a chance to work with me (Moses Correa)  with programs geared and individualized towards you and your goals.

Now please be aware this program is not cheap, but it will be worth every dollar and bit of sweat you put into it. You will also get access to me through e-mail, Skype and you will receive foolproof programming that will take out the guess work of your fitness and get you to your goals.

If you are interested e-mail me at with the subject line online coaching or fill out the form below. But hurry I am only taking a few people to ensure that they get the very best training possible!

Why wait!

Aren’t you tired of being tired and frustrated?   


         6 Things You Need to Know About  My Online Coaching Program Before You Apply


1. You will need to submit a food/training journal to me weekly

2.Be willing to make videos of movements and workouts when I need to see them to further help you.

3. Follow the workouts as given to you. Please do not “modify” unless we discuss it or for health reasons.

4.Keep payments up to date

5. Not everyone who applies will be accepted. There will be an interview given before we get started.

6. Please don’t be offended by lack of willingness to give free advice. Free stuff rarely helps anyone.

I Look forward to hearing from  and working with you!


If you are willing to do all of these things, I can help you get to your goals!


Testimonials about my Online coaching program:

Moses is a very rare type of instructor who balances refined pedagogy with spontaneous and encouraging instruction. When I started kettlebells with an intent to practice kettlebell swings I was clueless to the difference between squats and hinges. Moses’ instruction at that point was like occam’s razor. Very simply, without getting into too much detail in the beginning, he pointed out that a hinge and squat are different, and helped me develop a hip hinge position through his excellent videos. Moses has an uncanny ability to isolate the bare minimum required for maximum progress. He keeps things in the here-and-now and encourages consistent development. This makes him a great coach for online coaching. A person seeking online coaching might get carried away without the ‘keep-it-real’ aspect of personal training. Moses provides the best solution with simple, concise, and relevant instruction, which nevertheless presents all the force of a well-refined and experienced system of training. His patience and overall comforting presence are definite bonuses that put him right on top of the qualities for a great coach.

Ananth Aditya



Fill out the box below and get started today!


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