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I enjoy programming and designing these weekly workouts and trying to get more done with less and in less time. I also really like trying to add in all of the moves that we need to be healthy and have muscular balance, so that you can train every movement pattern throughout the week if you use these workouts for your own personal fitness. I don’t say that it is always easy, but one thing that I have learned is that, a bit of struggle will make you stronger and better. In light of that, remember that fact as you train and don’t forget to intelligently overload your system to make sure that you are getting results from this workout.

If you have noticed lately that a lot of my sessions have not been complexes, but more super-sets and circuit type workouts. This week will be a complex wherein, I would like you to do all the moves in a row then rest as much as needed afterwards. So be wise and go a bit lighter than your heaviest weight. Men use a 16 kg to 24 and ladies use a 10 kg to 16 kg.

Weekly Workout: Stay strong

This week’s workout will require that you stay strong mentally and will make you stronger/more conditioned and of course will lean you out, if coupled with good healthy eating habits!

It is done grabbing your kettlebell of your chosen weight and doing:

10 1 arm swings
3 cleans 
5 overhead press 
2 cleans 
5 front squats
1 clean
5 kb rows

Then of course rest a bit and or go right over the other side or go right over if you can and get to work. Just make sure to keep your form if and as you do and don’t set the bells down until you are finished with the round. Lastly, do as many quality rounds as you can for 10 to 20 minutes. As always have fun and don’t forget to breathe!

Once again we have your guidelines for success

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism.

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While I was training two friends that worked out together with me and were doing Romanian Deadlifts with dumbbells; a very overweight gym goer approached us and then told one of my clients, that they would hurt the student’s back. As a result of this well-meaning ladies exhortation, I had to virtually talk this lady off a proverbial ledge and re-assure her of this particular exercise’s safety for her lumbar.

That was over ten years ago and these fear still plagues gym goers everywhere and that is what this post is about. So read on friends.

Before I begin my rant on low-back safety and health, I want to talk about the lumbar spine and  its function . First of all, in movement our body works in a concept called the joint by joint approach or regional interdependence. This concept is a pretty simple one; when it comes to movement, some parts of our system should be more mobile and others more stable. In this science, we find that the lumbar are is one that requires more stability than mobility although it is made to move as well. (More on that in a bit)

So many times we end up injured in my opinion due to the fact that we don’t understand and apply this concept to our fitness and lives.

Just before I completely begin this rant and its application to our training, let’s discuss the low back and how it should be treated during our training and life. The lumbar spine consists of 5 vertebrae and at connects to sacrum an area that has five fused vertebrae and finally ends at the coccyx which is often referred to as the tail-bone.


The muscles of this area are a force couple known as the lumbar erectors and are multifidi, longissimus thoracis, Iliocostalis lumborum and others these muscles are very small in comparison to the neighboring glutes and lats above and in our lifting should be treated as such.

The movements that the low back can do are as follows:

Extension, flexion, rotation, and lateral flexion or bending; these movements are and can be relatively safe within reason. However, too much of these and or with loading can lead to injury and pain. Yet, on the other side of this coin, one should be able to do these moves in order to have a healthy spine and to keep their movement vitality.

There is also another issue that needs to be dealt with as well; most of us have not so good to terrible posture due to excessive sitting or standing. This places us in either a forward head or an excessively extended posture and can cause things to get shortened and tight that shouldn’t as well as cause muscles that should be active to be under active.

Now that you understand the anatomy and function of the low back, we can begin to understand how to train in a way that will make your chances of injury lessen even if you have been injured in the past.

Let’s go back to few a paragraphs ago and review a concept that we already stated. That being that the lumbar area is built to be mostly stable. This does not mean that there is never motion in it as we move, in fact the opposite is true, as you move, so does your spine. The problem comes into play though when it moves too much and we go too often into the end ranges of the spine as we move.

This includes too much rotation through the low back and way too much extension and flexion. So you see when it comes to low back pain, in most cases it is not necessarily the movement and how it may look to the outsider without the training needed to identify what is potentially dangerous and what is not. It is more a matter of not being able to control the lumbo-pelvic complex as we move and as a result going into hyper-extension and so-on.

Does this mean that everything is safe for everyone all of the time and people should just go crazy and do whatever? The answer of course is no, because of the simple fact that what doesn’t hurt one person, could injure another. This is why some sort of assessment should be administered before a person begins to embark on their fitness journey. This should find any limitations in movement, any potential pain provoking movements and a referral should be given to a qualified medical professional if there is pain present during the performance of a movement pattern.

Then as we go along any issues with mobility and stability can and should be dealt with as well as the avoidance of any pain provoking moves until the issue is dealt with if at all possible. Also as we train, in order to maintain a healthy lumbar spine, we must pay attention to our hip position and spinal position in our movements.

If one can do that and stabilize as their spinal column they can most likely do movements that may be potentially dangerous, if they have not developed the mobility and control that is needed. An advanced trainee not only has arrived to higher than their peers levels of strength and work capacity, but  have also learned how to control themselves in movement and as a result can do the movements that require higher levels of awareness.

Another important aspect to this whole concept is the need for the muscles involved in a pattern to be firing both unconsciously and consciously  in a movement in order to keep the neighboring muscles form being overworked and creating pain and undue stresses to the joints in that exercise. In the case of the low-back it is often the glutes and some of the ab muscles.

This is why any good program will have built-in it proper progressions and regressions in order to make sure that the requisite muscles are firing quick enough to do an exercise safely. Another example of this is just yesterday a man was doing a high bridge and the gym and someone commented on how he was hurting his back as he did it. My response was the opposite of what he expected, “not as long as he is using his glutes!”

These also goes for every move that requires hip extension from the rest/ rack position in KB sport, to a bench pressing power lifter and the hip extension moment on a good Olympic lifter’s snatch and clean.

If you take away anything form this post and all its science sounding jargon and voodoo. Let it be that exercise tolerance and ability is an individual thing and should be treated as such. As well as the fact that just because something may cause one person pain, doesn’t mean that it will do the same in another. Just make sure to be assessed before you begin to train and follow a progressive strength and conditioning program that will meet your needs and weaknesses as a person. Lastly if something hurts you don’t do it. However, don’t try to make others do the same as you and write off a sport or exercise as dangerous to all!

I read a lot of information on a weekly basis which I feel like should be something that everyone should do to get better at their job. I often feel as though I am a kid in a candy store and can’t decide what fitness research or exercise manuals to read. So I try to keep it within the realm of my “mission” and what can best benefit my students. I perfectly familiar with the fact that there are so many fitness voices out there and that many of them are very far off from what research says, how the human body works and last of all they are very unreasonable as exercise regimes.

As confusing as all of that can be that is not the extent of the overload of information in the fitness, wellness and health fields. There are in addition to a host of other information, there are a lot thoughts on supplementation as well. I have seen this lead to so much confusion in a lot of clients especially beginners and a fellow fitness buffs that will often ask me questions about things such as: Creatine, protein powders and many other related pills and products.


Before I go any further in this post let me preface the information that I will give as advice with the fact I don’t think that most of these things are bad. For example, thing like whey protein can be a very good thing for the person who’s training program merits it. As well as things such as, Creatine can be beneficial in certain cycles and depending on the individual’s needs and goals. But I also want you to know that supplements can be big business and often can lead just an exercise gimmicks lead to you being a little poorer of results and cash.
Considering how much money can be made from this type of business, it is no wonder why so many such stores and companies are “popping up.” Once again there is nothing wrong with profiting for a legitimate product, especially if it has helped the person who is dispensing it. Yet is seems like, I have been getting messages from individuals on social media about their “special” products that will make my wildest dreams come true if I use them. (I thought that would only happen if I voted for Pedro!)


In Light of that in all of my studying I have come up with some guidelines that I use for such products and I want to share with you.

#1:  You don’t need every supplement.

First of all most of your nutrition should come from a balanced diet. Eating crap and then expecting something is supposed to be in addition to your eating program is very unwise and will lead to a lack of getting all of the nutrients that you will need to be healthy and fit. Not only that, but you also need to realize that as you eat your body uses some of your minerals to process and digest the food. If you do not get it in your food you will be stripping away those vital nutrients and will only be playing catch up with your body as opposed to getting to the higher levels of fitness and health. Also please be aware of the fact that some things aren’t needed by you at this time in your life. Lastly if you are getting too much of the vitamins: A, D, E and K it can kill you. So be wise in your additional nutrition and get what you need and that is it


#2 You can’t afford every supplement.

Most of you reading this blog do not have unlimited funds to spend. (And if you do, do you need a trainer?!) We have bills to pay, as well as the need of thinking about our future, so we need to save also. So in light of the last point that we do not need everything; why waste money on what could harm or not really benefit you? I am a big believer in the simplicity of getting a whole food mufti-vitamin, using whey-protein for recovery on my training days and using some kind of healthy fats. Any more than that at this point in my life is just excessive; due to the fact that most of my food is whole food sources.

#3 You don’t have enough space in your belly for them all the time.

This point is pretty obvious, we only have a certain amount of room in our stomach at any given time and the last thing that you want to do is to stretch it out to make room for more stuff. Especially as I stated before, you don’t need all of the time.


#4 Most of them are not capable of delivering all of the benefits that they claim to; an integrated , scientific approach is the only way to ensure the best use of your nutrient supplements.


Due to need, money and space in our bellies, you need to make sure that you are getting the best benefit that you can from your supplementation. Make sure to get non-synthetic, whole food sources of vitamins and if you can check out the purity of the products. For Whey protein I usually use an organic source, in order to avoid the metals in some company’s whey.


Here are some reasons to balance out your nutrition program. First of all, you will want to eat real food most of the time. (Fruits, nuts, meats and vegetables) This will take care of a lot of your nutrition. However, be aware that because of our poor farming practices that even these types of food don’t have enough nutrients in them to keep you healthy and fit; thus my belief on using a good whole food vitamin, then getting some kind of healthy fat source. It can be olive oil or an additional product that is of good quality.

Then finally, if you like me train for goals and work hard, I am a big believer in using an organic whey protein after your session to aid in recovery. Then there are the things that you want to use that somehow may fit your goals. Just beware of products that claim some sort of magical power that doesn’t require that you have to discipline yourself top get to your goals.

What are your thought on additional nutrition? Write in the comment section below

The fitness world of full of information, we have all kinds of voices that are all speaking, but not all saying the same thing. Some are saying things such as: “all that you need is my pill or powder to lose fat” and so many other  like ridiculous promises. Then there is the debate as to whether or not we need to eat fewer calories to lose fat. As well the group of people who claim it doesn’t matter what you eat, but you just have to have a proper hormone balance to lose fat. No wonder I have so many people when they begin to train with being confused about fat-loss.  

The funny thing is that most of  these principles aren’t necessarily wrong in essence; it is just that there is more to it than each of these points by themselves. The problem is when a person that advocates just one point of the weight loss paradigm have mistakenly gotten out of balance in their approach to a leaner body. This post will clear up the confusion and give you the ability to finally lose fat if you are having difficulty with it.  All that you have to do is have an open mind and be ready to begin to change your behavior little by little in a progressive manner.  next to it    



Fat loss is not as complicated or as impossible as many of my peers will have you think. You do not need a special supplement or secret formula to lose fat. All that you need to do is follow simple scientific principles and in time you will have the body that you want! Now you may say: what are those principles? This post will teach you that. So read on my friends, clear up your confusion and finally lose the fat that you want to!



As I always say fat-loss is not complicated at all. In fact, all that you need to do is eat less energy than you use in a day. However, if you only eat fewer foods than you take in a day, you most likely won’t end up looking good. So you will also want to eat better foods, (i.e. whole foods) as well as eating less. Finally hormones come into play in a smaller scale. For example if you have less testosterone as a male, you will have extreme trouble burning fat. Now not having the proper amount of hormones is only something that should be diagnosed by a physician and is not an excuse to do the other things that are necessary for fat-loss.



Now let us get into the meat on how to lose some meat! LOL:


Here are 4 Ways to Lose Fat and Get the Body that you want

In order to lose fat one must:


1. Eat less: This point cannot be ignored, if you want to get leaner. There are certain laws in life that must be followed to be successful. One is the law of gravity; if you don’t follow it will  bring you down fast. (Unless, of course you follow another law such as the ones that enable a plane to fly) Fat loss also has a law= it is the law of thermodynamics and it states that, energy cannot be destroyed but can only be stored or used. Calories are an energy source; in fact a calorie is actually a measure of heat needed to raise a temperature a degree. (now you can impress your friends with your new knowledge!) Fat is stored energy, so in order to use it up and lose it, we must take in less energy than we need daily. That can be down by eating less and of course exercising. So if you want to lose fat you will have to cut back a bit and the easiest way to do that is to simply eat less crap.


2. Move better and more often: Before we begin and exercise program we must be aware that in order for training to help our efforts, we must do it consistently. In other words if we get injured you will delay your goal of a better body and possibly even quit exercising. So in order to protect ourselves we need to be assessed and then any serious movement issues need to be dealt with before training “all out.” Then we will be more resilient to injury, fatigue and be able to get the most benefit out of our training. In addition to moving better we need to move more. We need to do a progressive training program, condition and be active (walk more, house clean etc.) All of these factors are voluntary metabolism and should be used to aid us in our fat-loss efforts.


3. Keep a food journal and or track food: This may seem like an option, but to me it is not. There is a fine line between eating less and eating too little.  However, we cannot know that, unless we first get an accurate estimate of how much calories that we   should eat with our activity levels to make sure that we are not losing muscle. There is a fine line here and we need to find out what it is and then keep track to see if we are achieving it and if we are eating mostly whole foods. It is very easy to assume that we are. However I have met many people who thought they were eating fewer calories and then when they tracked found out that they weren’t. We must track to be sure and as we track we can know what our next step is to keeping lose weight. For more information on this subject, my friend Mark Mellohusky wrote on this exact subject of tracking, click here to read it.

4. Be Progressive in your changes: All of these steps can be overwhelming, so pick one get good at it and then do another step. If you do you will find continual progress and it won’t seem like torture as you do! Plus, if you feel the need to cheat too much it will tell on you if you are honest about yourself.


This post gave you very simple things to do to begin to take control of and change your health. They are only difficult to the extent of your perspective about them. Instead of thinking that you are giving up something, think of all of the things that you will gain. Then, keep on making changes and getting better at your new lifestyle. Before you know it, you will be at your goals and ready to go even deeper into the fitness lifestyle!


If you need help I can help you with your fat-loss and help you do even more than that! Just use the box below to find out about my on-line coaching. It is guaranteed to help!





As I promised last week, this post will be about a few simple ways that one can embrace the intermittent fasting lifestyle. As with any approach to nutrition and other  life change issues, there are different varieties to better accommodate different people and their lifestyles. This post will cover three approaches that I believe will meet everyone where they are at and help them live the beneficial fasting life style.


Fasting is not the most awful thing on the planet and is completely possible, if you find the right approach to it for you. With that thought in mind there are multiple flavors of ice cream (sorry about talking about that on nutrition post) for the purpose of accommodating different people’s taste buds and desires. Thankfully it is the same with I.F. – there are many approaches to fasting in order to make it work for the faster and their lifestyle. Before we go on; if you haven’t read last week’s post that started this click here to do that before reading today’s post.



Three simple ways to fast


As I stated a bit earlier, there are many approaches to fasting. This post will only cover the three that I have found to be useful in mine  and my clients’ lives. I like their simple approach to fasting and the ability that they give you to adhere to it for the long haul. Which of course as you know is a must for results. As I often say “the best program is the one that you can stick to!” The following approaches will be listed in order of the level of challenge to follow. (Although all not super hard)


1. Mirco-fasting or the half day fast:
I have found this one to be the easiest one for me to follow. This just involves getting up in the morning, having my black coffee, brushing my teeth and other hygiene type issues. Then going to work, training fasted 90% of the time  then afterwards I eat a lunch  and a dinner. This variation of fasting doesn’t take up as much time to plan out in my opinion. This works incredibly well for busier people who want all of the health benefits of fasting.(eating less, fat-loss, hormone balance, longevity of life and so on) This as simple as eating only two meals a day, which can be switched around to fit your life and goals!




2. The whole day fast:
This one takes some progression for certain people and that is fine and others will ace it or not be able to ever do it. Once again don’t let me guilt you into anything, pick the approach that works for you. In this method of I.F. you go without eating for 24 hours (e.g. dinner to dinner the next day) and you eat a sensible diet of whole foods and quality meats. The caloric expenditure of the one or two days of fasting a week is your needed calories in a day or basal metabolic rate (besides your activities) plus your activities in addition to the other day that you do fast in the week. This can come out to be more than the caloric deficit that you need in a day in order to lose fat, if you wish to. Then all you have to do is eat wisely and you will be losing fat and stimulating the hormones to build muscle and burn fat through fasting. The other two approaches will also do this for you as well. Once again it is just a matter of finding the one that works for you.



3. The one meal a day fast:
This program can be a little complicated as you are learning its formulas for success. It involves not mixing different foods and proteins. For example, if you eat almonds, then you wouldn’t eat chicken in the same meal. This particular program is done by eating very small snacks throughout the day  such as yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, nuts  and berries or vegetables as you go by about your daily activities and work. Then when you have finished your day and work you will eat a large meal until you are until you are full but not sick. This is very appealing nutrition program due to its allowance for a large meal and it’s controlled fasting throughout the day.



Please be aware of the fact that when you first start off with any of these styles of fasting that you will experience difficulty, as you would with anything new. Just think about when you first started working out and how hard that was. As time goes along you will develop a higher tolerance to fasting and you learn how to approach it for you as well. Try out one of these variations for a month to see how it worked for you. Make sure to do a food log and track your moods foods  etc., in order to see how you are doing. Keep experimenting to find out what works for you by trying out these different methods until you find out the best approach to fasting for you. After you find it, you will be in the “fan club” of I.F. as the rest of us that discovered it are. Not to mention all of the wonderful benefits that it gives besides just looking great.



I leave you with a quote on fasting about the freedom it gives; freedom from addiction to food, freedom to focus on more important stuff than food and so much more:



The philosophy of fasting calls upon us to know ourselves, to master ourselves, and to discipline ourselves the better to free ourselves. To fast is to identify our dependencies, and free ourselves from them.
Tariq Ramadan


Let’s keep the discussion going. Comment on your experience with I.F. and the freedoms that you have encountered below!




This world has so many gizmos, programs, gadgets, diets and pills that promise the world and more often than not leave the purchaser poorer in pockets and devoid of results. Then there are the programs that produce results by bringing changes in body composition but negatively affect your health. So what can one do? Is there anything out there that can help an honest person get the body they want without harming them in the long-run?

Maybe the picture above describes the way that you feel; tired, broken and lost by all of your efforts to get better. I have hope for you this post is about to offer you a brief and simple answer that will revolutionize your health and fitness. That answer is found in two words, Intermittent fasting! Just before you jump ship, please read on and consider my points on this subject matter. Especially, if you are seeking for answers on how to get way better results in your fat-loss/fitness efforts.


I understand the responses of the detractors of I.F.; in fact I used to be one myself. I was told that if I didn’t eat frequently that my metabolism would somehow slow down and that I would lose my muscle and gain fat. I was enslaved to my eating regimen by always looking to get my 6 to 8 meals in. I remember being frustrated and spending a lot more money on food than I really could afford to eat at that time. I can also recall feeling guilty and being nervous if I missed a meal as if some food deity were about to smite my muscle and leave me skinny, fat as a result of missing my meal. (Can someone say eating disorder?!)


Fitness and training should make your life better not more stressful with rules and regulations that hold you in a prison of misery. Now, I am not saying that frequent eating is bad. Especially if you can maintain it, not overeat and not let your hunger control you. However, I have seen over my 11 years of training people who this usually is not the case. As a matter of fact, the opposite usually happens. The people who have followed this philosophy generally overeat if they miss a meal. This is not due to the fact that they honestly need to eat, but to the fact that they have trained themselves to eat at these times and the result is that the brain adapts and releases the hunger hormones due to their habit.

This habit usually produces an addiction to eating and the results are anger, irritability and sluggishness if you miss eating for even an hour longer than you usually do. Does that sound right and healthy? I think not. Addiction always brings us negative consequences.

(This is how I used to feel before I.F. , Now I have better control over it! )


The second problem with constant eating is too many insulin spikes in the body. As we eat, our bodies releases insulin from the liver and either puts the broke down food especially carbs into our cells for energy or if they aren’t empty stores it as fat-cells. Now unless you are a pro sport athlete in the vigorous sports or work a very physical job. I would bet that your cells haven’t used up your energy; unless of course you have just worked-out.

So as you can see constant eating is not the best way to improve you health and fat-loss.

But you may say; that if I fast won’t I lose muscle?

The answer is no, you will not. In fact fasting at times actually improves your muscle-building by stimulating the same hormones that are released after an intense training session. Also, according to science we do not have a breakdown of muscle and organs until 3 days of not eating. So don’t fear muscle loss as a result of fasting. Now there are some contradictions with fasting such as body-builders won’t want to do it as much, but can still benefit from a one day a week fasting regimen. Athletes also need to be mindful when they fast according to their practice and game schedule. So once again we must plan and be wise!

The next dispute that you may have could be:

How will I get my proper nutrients?

This one is pretty simple and I have found that my fasting helps me get focused on this important detail. I have in mind foods that I know that I need to eat for my health and focus on eating different types of foods to get the most bang for my buck. Then, also I am big believer in taking a whole food vitamin as an additional nutrient source. I have found that this fasting approach to eating keeps me from eating pointless meals and foods and I think with a little effort on your part; it will do the same for you!


Lastly: Will not eating at a set time or day affect my training?

Not in the long run, it won’t it takes about two weeks to adjust to it and then it will be up and up from there. Remember your body stores energy and as use that up and then we burn fat as a primary energy source. Thus I.F. will help you burn more fat by giving you the needed caloric deficit. Not only will it do that, but once again it will release the hormones that we get from an intense workout causing you to burn even more fat. In addition to those benefits if you add in a fasted workout, you have now super charged you fat-loss efforts!


After reading this post I hope that at least you will consider an intermittent fasting program. Or at the absolute least look into the research to back up this approach to nutrition. For those of you who are ready to take up a fasting program, next week’s post will be all about some of the different approaches  to fasting . So Stay tuned and subscribe to this blog for that.


Also as a gift to you; I want to share with you my free videos series on how to do the kettlebell swing,  Click here for it.

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right” Henry Ford


I could never do that ” said person c about the Turkish Get-up. Rather than get offended by their lack of trust in my abilities as a trainer, I realized it was more about them. You see, the issue was not the Turkish Get-up or my ability to teach it in a way that almost anyone can learn it, but their own view of them. You see this person believed that they could never do the Get-up and our beliefs direct our behaviors.

It is Friday and most of our work weeks are behind us as well as our training weeks. I want you to honestly evaluate it and think did you try something new this week? Have you set out to learn something new and or set or broken a personal record? If not what is holding you back?  Be honest, This post’s goal is to inspire you to be better!


(Mo-tivation at it’s best: Moses with a sledgehammer)

 Just as I am a big believer in assessing our fitness and movement in order to find out how we can improve. I am also a person who believes in self assessment and reflection in order to improve our selves. So if  you are having trouble getting motivated to overcome something. Take a look at your thoughts and beliefs on the subject and yourself and fix them first. Then from the right thoughts, try the new or old thing that you want to do (even if you failed before). This fits any pursuit from fitness to business and in between. If you think you can or can’t, you are right!


Get to it and get better!


A man with a sledge-hammer in a picture



Writing is awesome to me, there are times when it has purging effect on my mind. It is as if all of the things that I may hold inside can be brought out in a constructive way and help others at the same time. Today’s post is one of those, I have so much information and want to give some of it to others and hopefully by the end of this rant, you will get at least one useful thing to help you or a least to make you laugh!

(Disclaimer this post will be a series of rants and are all not fitness related.)

Rant #1: Trying to fit in:
There is something strange to me about human nature, that is the desire to be different yet at the same time trying to fit into the crowd. I sometimes see the mob of people as a Where’s Waldo book. Everyone looks the same and only one person stands out, in this case Waldo. Are you aware that being controlled by the desire to fit in will not only make you miserable but also  create more  stress in you life? But in addition to that will rob you of most (if not all) of your ability to make a difference in the world.Think about it, all of the people who have created change were people who didn’t want to fit in, but saw a need and then did something to fix it. A perfect example of this was Dr. Martin Luther King JR.. He wasn’t willing to just settle for the ideals of society, but labored to change what the status quo was at the time. So if you want to make a diffidence, don’t be afraid to stand out and to share the truth in a respectful way. Even if you only influence one as a result!


Rant#2 Not working hard enough in training:
This is almost as much of a problem as working too hard and not recovering properly . Both of these issues will cause the trainee to not get much results from their time at the gym. This may be the number one reason that so many people don’t get anywhere in their goals.

If you want results you must:

A. Have the right load and do the right amount of reps for that load.

B. Not go to failure, never let your form break down. Not only is it dangerous, you also will not get any results from it.

Just keep in mind that there is no progress without struggle. However, you must struggle safely or else you will not see change! be balanced friends!

Rant#3  Receiving advice and never-changing:
I see this one all of the time, when some one is a professional they are often asked questions to help others. That in itself is that big of an issue. Yet, I have noticed that most of these people  never follow through. I have two theories as to why that is:
1. The question asker really doesn’t want a solution and just wanted the expert to justify their present situation and mindset.

2. They do not value the information that they are given. That can usually be fixed by putting a price on services rendered.

People who practice this trait can bring a lot of frustration and stress to the adviser. So if you are such a person, be honest about your motives and follow through when given good advice.

There it is friends, my purging post (LOL). I hope that some of these rants helped you and or maybe helped you to think differently about things. What are some rants that you have my friends? Feel free to post them below!

Also, if you want to learn more about me or my programs go here:

A rant on confronting honestly confronting our weaknesses.

Are you motivated? Really motivated?
Our attitude and response to those that are trying to help us, shows the reality of our mindset.
Do you argue with the people who have the training to help you?
Or do you follow their advice?
Have you made any real changes? Or are you “stuck”?

Watch the video for my rant on this topic and some friendly advice to make the task of change a little bit easier.

Enjoy friends and share this post with those that could use its advice and challenge!

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Have you ever been stuck in line behind someone who just can’t decide what they want? I was behind a person one time at subway and they kept changing their mind on what they wanted. They would say Oh I want this…. wait no I want and so on. By the way have you noticed this only happens when you are in a rush! (Murphy’s law) I digress though, I believe that  this type of indecisiveness  comes from a lack of knowledge and conviction on what is good or not and or a fear of missing out if you choose one particular thing.

Many people treat their fitness this way they randomly bounce from program to program and gadget to gadget thinking that it will bring them results. However people like this rarely get anywhere near their goals and blame it on factors out of their control, such as their age, thyroid etc. I can only blame it on one thing lack of real knowledge of training and how the body works in relation to it.
ImageNot all training programs are created equal. There are certain fundamental facts that must be present in any training program in order for it to be effective in all of the areas needed in health and fitness. These are proper movement, strength, conditioning , flexibility and minimalism . If any of these are missing from your program will leave you lacking in a very important aspects of fitness and more importantly your health. I will cover each of these topics one by one over the next few weeks so watch for that.

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