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One of the biggest killers of progress in your fitness, fat-loss and health goals is the nutritional component; as you are all probably very well aware. Oftentimes people get that they need to move well and more often, but for some reason they never grasp the concept of changing what they eat. This fact can often lead to frustration and quitting or beginning the process of overreaching in their training, looking to more exercise as a way to get the results that they crave.

As always this downward spiral can be avoided if the trainee just uses their head and the easy concept of switching in their nutrition program. This post will show you how to do just that in a progressive way that will keep you getting results throughout their training and fitness. Do you want to finally make a permanent change? Read on if so.



The first thing that we need to understated if we want to change is that we have to realize that we operate on habits. Just to better understand what that is here is a simple definition from an online dictionary:

plural noun: habits
  1. 1.
    a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
    “this can develop into a bad habit


Based on this definition a habit is something that we’ve developed by practice. So the first step that we have to make towards change is to take responsibility for our habits and the decisions that we made to develop them and that help maintain their control in our lives. As you know the new year is here and you may actually be reflecting on your habits and wanting change; but not knowing what to do or where to go to change. You may also be aware of your inability in the past to change and feel powerless to do anything to stop your poor nutrition and or of lack of exercise habits. That is where this point comes in: A progressive switching of bad habits for better ones!

You see we often make two mistakes we want to change:

One, we try to do everything at once and end up burning out.

Two, we see all our habits and get discouraged and quit before we even start.

Instead of these two extremes, let’s take this New Year to try a different approach. One that will work  and finally get us to our goals in 2015!

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Here is what you will if that is the case: find one habit that isn’t super intimidating and stop doing that thing or cut back by a bit on it. In other words, if you eat ice cream everyday either stop eating it or cut back to three days a week. Now don’t stop there. Replace your ice cream eating with a better food such as fruits or vegetables that you like. Or you can start being active during that time period where you would normally eat ice cream. This is simple, take a walk with your family, do some kettlebells swings or push-ups and so-on. The endorphins released due to your new activity will be a reward for you and before you know it, you will have created a new habit without straining too much!


It is that simple and challenging friends just continue to follow this principle and keep switching out old negative habits for new positive and healthy ones. Before you know it, you will be at your goals and finally will break the cycle of resolution and defeat of the last few years! Make 2015 your year by progressively changing and making the switch from your old habits to new ones!


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Self discipline is the path to success

We all want things in life. Some of us want to be really rich, but not many will be. I don’t completely think it is a lack of talent or ideas but of drive and will. If you have ever observed a successful person that first thing that will become apparent is that they are hard-working people. So what is holding you back from getting to your goals? It is going to take hard work and self-control intermingled with patience to achieve them.
However if you are willing to pay the price you can be successful!

Happy trails friends
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81713 002The new year is finally here and many will take the pilgrimage to the gym and or will want to learn a new skill. Considering the headway that kettlebell training is making many are beginning to utilize them in their training. Oftentimes this leads to people who are completely unqualified to utilize this tool giving them a bad name in the medical community and an irrational fear of kettlebell training and basic human movement.

In fact just the other day I witnessed the a horrific “swing”  being done as I was working out.  The person’s head was bobbing up and down, their knees were moving back and forth over their toes and they were pulling with their arms. Now I am aware that some of those can happen when someone is learning.  However  this “instructor”  did absolutely nothing to correct it, relaying on what Pat Flynn will call the miracles of God to fix.

Today’s post is  about how to learn to perform the kettlebell swing without developing any major dangerous mistakes in the movement. So watch the video and copy the progressions given out in it.

Enjoy friends and Swing in the New Year with this awesome fat burning and simple to do move.

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Image Ladies and gentlemen as you are very well aware the new year is upon us with all of the excitement that it brings. In spite of all of these feelings of joy and hope, there is a real issue that we all will have to deal with as the new year unravels: Failure! I am not a person that is unfamiliar with this word, in fact at times I feel  like I fail more than the average person.

My Story With Failure:

Almost two years ago I took the plunge and decided to get RKC certified, I had been using kettlebell as a training tool and knew that I needed to get better at using them. So I booked my workshop for September in December and began to train. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone so I got a coach to help me to make my technique better and continued to improve.

As time passed , I kept training and  finally the weekend of the event came. I  felt excitement mixed with nervousness as I entered the building where I would spend the majority of the next three days. As the weekend continued and I learned so much and developed some new relationships, all of that was incredible. But then test day came, in spite of all of my preparation I was nervous as if I were about to fight for my life. I passed all of the technique tests with minor issues to work on. But afterwards was the snatch test  and it caused my heart to sink. I had a pretty good rhythm going on early in my test but I let the overwhelming nature of the test cause me to get lose focus and quit, so I failed my course.

How to kick butt in the new year

I have learned a lot since then and I want to share those insights with you my readers. Every time we start something new we take the risk of failing at our new endeavor. This is a big reason why may people will not try to learn and do something new. Don’t be one of those people who sit on the side lines and never get any where instead embrace the “suck” of learning. These next few points will help you do just that!

how to conquer failure in the new year

  • First, we have to acknowledge that if we seek to expand ourselves we will fail  at times.

               Acceptance of this fact will help us to not feel like a complete loser when we fail at our task. This type of attitude will save the time we spend on                                beating ourselves up and enable us to learn from our mistakes. Don’t waste your energy and time on self-pity and hate. Instead focus on fixing the                issue.

  • Acknowledge your limitations and get help if you need it.This principle is easy, sometimes we fail because we don’t know what to do. Don’t let  stupid pride keep you from being successful. Get help from a qualified person if you need it, the best teachers are also students!
  • Learn something every time you mess up!Mistakes can be expensive and painful, they can lead to unwanted consequences and misery at times. So you will want to minimize them and learn as much as you can from them. If you are having a problem with a movement tape it or get someone who knows to watch and make some suggestions to get better. If you keep seeking to improve and learn from your mistakes you will keep getting better at your task and or new habit. As Dan John says seek to be 1% better every time!

The new year brings tremendous opportunities to us for us to keep getting better at our weak spots. We all have them whether it be in our fitness training, work, relationships or life. You can choose to deny them or you can have big balls and confront and defeat them! Take it from someone who has failed, that it is not the end. You can get up from there and move on and become all that you want to be or need to be! In other words you can conquer in the new year!

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