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Fitness in general has become a breeding pot for extreme ideas or so it seems to me. Throughout my 14 year career  I have seen and heard so many thoughts that just aren’t true or have been taken to harmful extremes. Now don’t get me wrong a nice thrashing once in a while will put some hair on your chest. (if you want it!) Also if you are getting ready to compete or do compete in a sport, then you will want to be a bit more extreme depending on what you play and do.


However, If we always get thrashed when we train you will not get to goals or at least be able to maintain the success that you have achieved so far. As a result, I am a big believer in doing the right amount of everything to get the maximum benefit. In spite of how much this reasonable mentality is catching on. most of mainline fitness thinks that one must kill themselves and spend every single free minute at the gym to get results.



I am here to tell you that it is not so, unless you are training for some sort of completion, you can do the bare minimum done well with the right amount of intensity and get amazing results. I have seen nothing good from being too extreme and going overboard. Setting p.r. s all the time, making too big jumps in weight too often, not owning a move for the sake of just trying to do more and so-on. Not only will these mind-sets eventually lead to the law of diminishing returns, but they will also most likely leave you “licking your wounds” on the sidelines while others who trained in a balanced way continue to progress!

I don’t know about you, but I have been there and it is very depressing and discouraging.




There is also the sort of going crazy over an nutrition program and thinking that you must perform absolutelty one hundred percent to see change . When that is not the case, again unless you are competing in a physique event, there is no need need to be an extreme dieter.

In fact the body needs balance and if you seek to continue to live this lifestyle over your whole life, being balanced can help you achieve that goal. So eat some “bad stuff” once in awhile, if you enjoy alcohol, have some and so-on. Just remember not to go crazy and to eat more whole foods than anything else and you will do fine.



Then there is also the extreme no nutrition, no exercise and self indulgent lifestyle and that is also destructive and can lead to major health problems and death. So this post is not saying to live that way either. It is rather exhorting us to find balance in what we do.

Train hard some times, go heavy, hit the conditioning hard. Work on mobility and satbility, eat well and cheat sometimes. Be lazy here and there and spend lots of time with your family. Just remember in everything that you do to seek and learn balance and if you do, you will be so much happier , healthier and get amazing fitness gains!!!!!!


I am thankful that my job is one that makes a difference. I don’t know how often I have blessed to help people realize their true strength and ability to endure through my teaching and training programs. I can’t count the times that people who have trained with me thought they couldn’t do something and with the right progression and programming bam, they did!

Just the other day on my kettlebell group I had a bunch of members press a heavier kettlebell with one arm that was two to four sizes than they have ever done. I have had two clients get their first pull-up in their life in the last two weeks and other such feats of budding strength.

wpid-20151026_092854.jpg    wpid-20151026_092857.jpg

(Kevin O nailing his first pull up)

Yet, it seems like there is resistance when it comes to doing challenging moves and developing killer strength. I often encounter excuses when it is time to move on in a programming that someone has been training to do that move. A big one is chin-ups, I often hear statements that lack confidence such as : “that would be nice if I could do one” and so-on. We often think that moves such as chin-ups and pistols are for the few “freaks” and that we will never be able to do them. However, when we think that way, we limit ourselves and don’t realize that the person doing them is human as well.

(If I can, then you can too!)

Here is the thing though, you will need to train specifically of you have a goal like that. You also will need to learn how to program and progress, you will have to stick to a routine, in spite of the fear of boredom. Then you finally, you will have to adjust to what is going on in your life.

Just remember, you are stronger than you think and with some good training, you can also achieve awesomeness and develop the moves that you want to. So get working and do awesome things!

As a bonus here is a a client that embodies this mindset and knows that she is strong: