Lately I have been training a lot of what some may call strength-cardio, wherein the goal is produce force (not maximum) while keeping my heart rate in the aerobic training zones. Now, if you have been following this blog and my post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (which you can access from this blog.) you know that there many huge benefits that one can get form training in this zone; from heart-health, stress management, recovery form difficult training and so many other great things.





So being the wise investor in my health and fitness that I am, I have by collecting these benefits plus some strength work. This is one of the workouts that I have been using with myself along with my ion person and online clients. It is a challenging but reasonable workout that will make you and heart happy with its outcomes!


This workout is done by doing the following:

Finding a challenging weight that doesn’t take you into anaerobic training and that you can do for 10 to 20 minutes.

Then do 8 to 10 reps per side, keeping your heart rate between 130 and 150 beats per minute.

Keep it going for 10 to 20 minutes





Once again we have your guidelines for success

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism.

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