As I was stuck inside on a Saturday due to the snow storm Jonas, I decided to take a look and edit some old You-Tube videos on my channel found here; I found an older workout and decided to make good on my promise to do a tutorial for the Gorilla clean.

Now before I go on, let me say if you don’t have the one and two bell clean down with at least half bodyweight for ten don’t do this move just yet. Take the time to develop your form and hip drive, soft landing in the rack and so-on. I have seen too many people over the years try to rush the process rather than to earn it and it has led to some problems in the long run. So be wise friends.




Now that I got my moral obligation out of the way and if you meet this criteria, then let’s get busy on how to do this kettlebell exercise. This move has a few different components to it that make it different from your basic clean variations.



1.It starts from the top down

2. It has a sort of squatty catch

3. It Requires more attention to details


1.It teaches control

2. It uses a different pattern (same but different)

3.It makes you think (for the reasons given above)

4. It is fun!

Start off slow and develop good habits and techniques and then have fun training with this kettlebell drill. Enjoy it friends


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