One of my kettlebell students Steve is a real stand-up guy, he works very hard, has a very good sense of humor and is very athletic. So you can imagine that when I design workouts for him that they can be epic and are worthy of being on this blog for you my friends to enjoy. This week’s workout is one of them, so hold on be ready to be challenged!

Weekly Workout: Your Rentz is due!




This workout involves bottom’s up lunges and presses, but don’t fear if you can’t do them yet– you can always do the moves from the rack position.

Click here for more on the bottom’s up kettlebell drills.

This workout is done by doing an outside the leg bottom’s up clean, controlling the kettlebell then lunging forward, pressing on the bottom and then standing up switching sides, then repeating it for 3 to 5 reps per side for as many quality rounds as you can do.

If you are pressed for time (pun intended), use a pretty heavy bell for this workout. You can go a bit lighter and work on this complex some more, if you have enough time to do so. The  choice is yours , just make sure that each rep is a good one. Because as you know crap leads to more crap in the long run!

Enjoy forends and watch the video below to see it in action

Once again we have your guidelines for success

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism.

Click here to get my Ultimate Kettlebell swing Tutorial and workout series. This series will not teach you the swing,  but show you  how to train with it to get to your goals!


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