Is Growth necessary?

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Uncategorized



Over the past almost year now of being a dad, I have watched my little guy become a big little guy and grow in so many different ways. I have seen him go from a little dude that slept,pooped, cried and ate, to a bigger little dude who does all of those other things plus become a lot of fun. It is amazing to watch both neural and physical development take place every day right before my eyes.human-growth-and-development-textbook_138077_large

As all of this has been taking place, I have come to a deeper understanding of the fact that, healthy things grow and get better over-time. I also have thought long and hard on this fact and have realized that although almost all of us reading this blog have stopped growing physically,if we are healthy, we still need to be developing in our lives  This is true in all of the areas that we need to get better in and if you realize it, we can all get better in just about all of them! However, this blog post will not cover all of our weak areas and even strong ones, but the goal of this post is to cover the need for progress in our fitness.


As you read my intro, you may think that my fitness goals are not for muscular development and that is completely okay if it isn’t. Yet we can all develop in our fitness, no matter what our goals may be and this post will inspire you to do so!

As I stated earlier, thriving things grow and improve as they live and if not something’s probably wrong. To me the same is very true in our fitness, if we don’t have a goal, we will most likely end up going nowheres and not making progress, maybe even regressing. For you this my be as simple as becoming more mobile, improving your technique on a move and any other realistic fitness goal.

Maybe you want to lose your last 5 pounds, get stronger build muscle or increase power. The first step in seeing these things happen is to see your self accurately as you are and then creating a plan or getting help and so on and step two is to get your butt in gear and getting started.

Please be aware that, truly seeing yourself as you are sucks! If you never take the time to get better and just believe only the good stuff people say about you or only hear good things from others. You and I both need to realize that we are not perfect and not feel bad about it but seek to get better! That is the basis for this growth and an awesome way to live!



So whatever your goals maybe, you will need to grow and of you remember-growth can be a painful process. So seek to get better each week, beat old times, progressively overload, get your rest and eat well. Of course as always have fun and enjoy the process!


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