The overhead press is an often feared move in the fitness world as an other move can be depending on the person that is using it or teaching it. As with most other exercises it doesn’t have to be this can be a movement pattern that can and in my opinion should do to develop strength and work capacity as you train for better and higher fitness levels. This doesn’t mean that every single human being alive today will be able to do it without pain even if adequate mobility is present and proper mechanics are used and if that is the case for you, lateral raise, front raises and push-ups are fine to develop strength for you.

The definitely is the exception and not the rule, so the rest of us can follow these progressions and variations for their pressing pleasure! So let’s get going and getting stronger!


Half kneeling/tall kneeling:

Bottom’s up:


Barbell Variations



One arm press:





Sandbag shouldering:


Body weight variations:

Hand stand/ pike progression:


Enjoy these exercise friends and get stronger in the overhead pressing movement!


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