(Bottom’s up kettlebell and donut press. A super Kung-fu advanced variation!)

Variations of exercises are awesome to use, if the right purpose is presented in any program to do so. The kettlebell bottom’s up press is an awesome exercise along those lines. This exercise is a very useful drill for many different reasons and in my opinion should be added to any strength or fitness program. Here is the clincher though, hopefully before doing them, you have spent enough time on training your basic overhead press and don’t want to move on to the b.u.p. due to just boredom.

Over the last few years, I have used this exercise to help my clients, get stronger, leaner, improve their wrist stability and press better and this post will be a quick “rant” on that topic and brief tutorial on the move in the video below.

My thoughts on the B.U.P.;


I am deeply in love with this move, so much so that my wife probably should be threatened by it. (Just kidding) But seriously, I have this move to be a great tool to use in my training tool box and will get into some of its uses below.

I have seen this move build strength, help create better balance between wrist extensors and flexors in my clients and as a result creating better stability in the wrist area. I have also witnessed strength levels or the ability to create tension increase resulting in some of my clients unintentionally getting stronger in the over head press. One of my students press went up two bell sizes in a short period of a few weeks. As well as better creating awareness of body mechanics in the kettlebell rack position and throughout the pressing movement.

How to do them:

Now that you know how to do them in a very basic way, get to work and add them into your training. Remember to chalk your hands and or the bell before you do and get complete focused on doing this move that can help you become just better!

If you are looking to progress in your fitness, give me a buzz for my online coaching and program design service!

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