I am sad that this is the last post of this series and that this is the very last concept that is designed to help you with your program design and getting to your fitness goals. If you apply these ideas, you will experience much bigger and long-term gains in your fitness training. If you need further help with them, I offer an online coaching and program design service that will help you do just that guaranteed!

This final principle is very important to your specific goals and your success in achieving them. You will probably not get to exactly where you want to be, if you don’t train specifically for your goals when you are that point when you need to. This covers the type of training that you do, (energy systems and movements) at least in the long run. This doesn’t meant that G. P.P (General preparation training) doesn’t have a place in an overall goal. It just means that you just cannot stay there and get everything out of your training that you want from it!

That is what this idea is about, it goes along the line that; if you want to have a strong back squat, you must do that move. If you want to run faster or further, you must do that as well and so onThen you will also want to structure your strength training in way that will compliment that goal. For example there is a lot of evidence that shows that getting stronger and increasing ground reaction forces can increase your running speed and distance. So you could specifically lift with that goal in mind and then move on into your complimentary endurance work with weights. So you see we went from general to specific in terms of energy systems.

Another approach that I usually like to help improve athletes athleticism is the very specific approach of getting them better at the things that they don’t do so well. For example, if they are slower than they should be, we will work specific strength exercises that build force in the realm of speed. While using patterning drills and other tools such as parachutes and the like to make the person faster.

This approach can be harder to do in programming, it requires that one know research and training principles and it also takes a lot if thought to design a program as such. It will however, give you the most specific results possible form your training and get you the most results.

In light of that just about everything will get you some results, but if you are like me, you have a very specific set of goals and nothing else will cut it!

Assessment for specificity:

It seems like there has been a pull-up/chin-up craze at the gym that I train out of lately; as a result. I have been doing a lot of pull-up progression drills with my clients. But just before we begin to work on them and getting them better and stronger, I usually have my students try to do one first and find out where they get “stuck’ and then begin to incorporate specific drills to get to them this very reasonable drill! So know where to start in order to get better at any movement that fits your goals.

After a sometime spent training you will then want to look at how much progress that you have made and if there is anything else that you will want to train to own the move that you desire to get to. You simply do that by doing the same assessment that you used to start the program in the first place. Whether it is a movement screen, your 40 time, vertical jump height and so-on!

Remembering this principle and applying it can be the difference between you having the fitness results that you want and get the return from your training that you desire. So know your goal and then plan it out, get plenty of rest and recovery. Overload your body and apply the GAS principle as you do, you will finally have success and spend less time frustrated with your fitness training! As I have been saying over the last few weeks, Thou shalt…….!

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