A huge part of my adult life has been spent either training myself and others in the gym. I have seen all kinds of interesting things and have learned a lot about not only training but life in general as well by spending a lot of time there. One of the biggest and very important lessons I learned was that many people unfortunately have no idea how to get results from their time in the gym.

There are the people whom don’t work hard enough and as a result never really get anywhere in their training. These are the type of people whom you wonder why they are even spending time and money at your local fitness center. They are the ones who talk on the phone as they exercise; take too long of a rest period for their loading on a move. Never embrace that difficulty in their workouts and try to ruin yours by blabbing to you.

Then of course there are the individuals who believe that more is better and usually end up injured or burnt out and “stuck” in their fitness or are experiencing the law of diminishing returns in any fitness levels that they may have once had. These type of fitness buffs realize that one must work hard in order to get anywhere in their fitness; yet, they neglect a basic tenet of fitness and today’s command or principle: Thou shalt recover and rest.

Before I get into the break down and application of today’s post, I want you to understand what I am referring to when I say recovery. Recovery is not only a rest day, but sleep as well (naps also work if you don’t have an infant :)) and of course getting the right nutrition to optimize your training efforts.

Now let’s get into today’s command:  Thou Shalt Recover

Training for results ends up breaking the body down and also beats up your central nervous system depending on the type of training that you do form Olympic weightlifting to running and everything in between. The severity of this comes in to when one does more complex lifts and with heavier loading and so on. This leads to fatigue and if that is not managed well it will lead to the person de-conditioning and even get weaker in their training, There can also be other health related issue that can stem from this state often referred to as over-training. This can be avoided by a few different approaches and getting the right amount of rest for you and the type of training that you are doing.

This will lead to you making more results in your fitness training then just blindly and obsessively trying to make something happen without having the energy to do so. Recovery is equal to training when trying to achieve a goal in your fitness. So spend time recovering from your training so that you can kill it again without hurting your health in the process. As I have been saying the last week, “Thou shalt rest!”

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