If you have been following this blog for the last 8 weeks, (Click here to see them  if you haven’t after you stop feeling ashamed!) you know that I have spending time on ideas that are of vital importance in an effective fitness training program. As I have been been writing for the last almost three years now that, training for extreme fitness results requires thought and strategy. Simply going through the motions, jumping programs or being random will only get you so far. As a result I am writing this series to help others finally achieve almost super human results from their fitness if desired.

This week’s post and 8th installment is about a principle that I have written on in the past and should be almost common sense in this health and fitness field ; that is the S.A.I.D. principle. When this acronym is broken down it is: Specific Adaptation (to) Imposed Demand. (Click here to see the last post that I wrote on the subject)

This principle is simple and makes our fitness training direct by guiding us how to train for our individual goals. This concept is like a recipe that requires us to put in the proper ingredients and then come out with our desired out come in time. That doesn’t meant that everything will work for everyone in the same way and that there is no need for trial and error in out training, it simply means that if you want to be a power-lifter, you will need to power-lift with the core lifts as a focus. (squat, bench and deadlift.) However, the law or command (te-he) of  individual differences will dictate how you make the most progress as you do that. As well what accessory exercises that you will need to do to ensure your own success as you train. One more thing, may I say that your accessory work should continue to change as you develop, but that is a post for another time!

You will want to think of your training as a recipe. That does not meant that at times you will not have to have back off days,weeks and even a calculated change throughout your cycles. It does however, mean that if your training is random, you are not in control of the outcome as much as if you “stuck to the plan!”

Remember that you need to be balanced in your training and endeavor to apply all of these “commandments” to your training. That means that a bit of thought and planning needs to go into what you are doing. Even if it is just a corrective phase of your training or if you are building power of muscle. Don’t just show up to the gym and expect long term results in your fitness!

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