Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing what I call my ten fitness commandments, these commands aren’t really commands but more principles- that if you apply them, will help you make progress in your fitness training. If you haven’t read those posts you can read them here and here. Today’s post is the third installment and the second training principle that will help you finally make or make even more fitness progress.

“Thou shalt:” Track your progress

You may journal your days now at the end of the day or if you are like me, you did it when you were in grade school for English class. It is true that this act is extremely useful in helping you become more productive and to help you learn from your mistakes. I do not journal my days at this point in my life, but I do try to reflect on my day in order to become better as a person and so-on.

Not only is this concept useful for enriching and making our lives better, but it is also a powerful principle if you  apply it, to make progress in our fitness and nutrition. (   So that is why I say, Thou shalt Track your progress. This post will show you how to do that and how it will help you!

It is very easy to think that we are doing something that we are not, if we don’t have a feedback loop to help us see what we are doing exactly. In contrast, it is also easy to think that we are doing worse than we actually are and not making any progress whatsoever. The feedback loop that I am talking about in this case is a mode of tracking our fitness. This thought is easy to do and only takes a few minutes to do. However, if you do you will be very happy with both your short term and long term goals that you will be able to accomplish in your fitness goals.

The practical part of this is very easy; get a note book of some sort. Plan out your training program based on your goals, then do your split. If you are a body-builder or have B.B. type goals, you will want to plan that accordingly and make a plan that works different groups of muscles with different volume and loading. If your goal is power, you will want to plan out what moves you will do on certain days and your periodization.  (Heavy days, light days etc.) You will also want to pick your accessory moves and so on and for how long you will do each cycle with the loading you will use throughout.

While you are tracking it is good to keep track of your moods, sleep the night before, nutrition (how you ate) and so on. This little extra effort will help you pi-point the things that keep you from performing your best on each session and give you some insight into when you need to rest and de-load.

Tracking is a powerful tool in the war for improved strength and conditioning levels. So it is most definitely worth the effort and you will also learn a heck of a lot about yourself as you do. So take the time to track and plan this will also help you with last week’s point as well in planning, sticking to the plan and improving your plan. So start tracking and get the benefit today!

Remember “thou shalt track!”

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