As you may remember form last week that I decided to write this series of posts to help my readers learn the principles that will help them have more success in their training. So due to my name being what it is, I went step further and decided to call it my ten commandments of fitness. The goal of this series is not to offend anyone, it is first my strange sense of humor manifesting in my writing and it is also my effort to once again educate others some of the useful information that I have learned over the years of study, training myself and others! (click here to see post # 1)

Today’s principle or commandment is “Thou shalt have a goal and plan.” (I told you I would!)

Training as with anything else wherein someone wants to accomplish something needs to have goal. I know that seems like such a basic concept and it is. Yet, you won’t believe how many people do not have one. I have done my own unscientific poll of gym goers in my influence and most of the time the answer is the generic, “I want to get in shape!” or even “I don’t know.”  These two types of mindsets will most likely lead to failure and discouragement to the exerciser.

So the first step that you will need to take in your fitness is to have a goal and a plan. In order to have a goal one must first think about their priorities in fitness. For example if you need to lose fat for health reasons that should be the thing that you focus on and then train in a way that will give you the most bang for your buck. (Complex movements, super-sets, circuit training, metabolic conditioning and low intensity cardio. Then of course you will really want to begin to eat less and better as the primary mode of fat-loss.

That covers your goal. In addition to this you will want to plan out how you will do it. Such as: you will begin to track your calories and then add in some better choices as you eat. Of course you will want to plan out which days that you will work out and for how long. You will also want to plan out what you will do on which day and so-on.

Having a plan is not an option if you want to be successful in any of your endeavors. It doesn’t matter if it is a performance goal, fat-loss or any other pursuit. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” So follow this fitness commandment and take the time to plan out your training. What days will you train? What time? How often? How many will you rest? What strategy will you employ for progression?  Take a few minutes to think about these things and write down your conclusions, try them out and learn from them. Plan on waiving your loads, know your percentages and rest as many days per week that you need to recover.  Remember “Thou shalt plan thy workout!”

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