Hopefully by now you have read my last two posts on this movement pattern and have an understanding of its importance in our daily activities and our fitness training. (If you haven’t read them yet, here is the links and here to see them.) Just as a quick recap, we need to adequate mobility and stability in this movement pattern, if we want to safely train this pattern when doing activities involving it; such as, such running and just about most sports.

However, the correction process as whole is not done once improving these qualities; you will then want to build some relative strength in this pattern by training specific exercises that better the person’s stability and strength simultaneously. These exercises are not exhaustive, but give an idea on how to build strength to maintain this pattern during the stresses of competition and life and to not regress back into a poor single leg stance pattern.

Double kettlebell or barbell single leg deadlift:
This exercise will not only help you maintain and improve your stability, but can also make you pretty darn strong as well. Your goal with this exercise it to work through the progressions of the single leg dead and then lift 1/2 bodyweight for 8 to 12 reps per side and then you have finished your correction as far as this drills is concerned.

Step-up progressions:
This exercise has been used in the fitness world as an aerobic type movement for years and even foot ball line-men will often use it for a strength exercise. In this realm it is just about the same as the single leg deadlift in that it is a stability and strength exercise. With the one exception being that it will work you quads; more than its single leg deadlift counterpart. So as a result, I would either pick the one that need more improvement or train both of these patterns.

Rear foot elevated squat:

This move much like the preceding ones, is another strength and stability exercise. So as a result has a direct correlation and connection to your single leg stance. Again this goal is half body-weight for 8 to 12 reps a leg with consistent form.

There are many other exercises that one can do to help maintain a safe single leg stance pattern. These last few are just a few non-complicated moves that will do the job and aren’t too difficult to learn and to do. So spend time on them and get strong by doing them. Then as you do you will not only better maintain your improved movement pattern, but will also see an increase in your performance as well!


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