A brief Recap of the Rock-tape FMT course

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Close to two years ago I attended a course called Neural Kinetic Therapy. One of the teachers was my friend Dr. Kathy Dooley and the other was Stop Chasing Pain’s Dr. Perry Nickelston. Whom I had the pleasure of meeting that day of that workshop  and had some pretty deep conversation with him as well. So I began to follow his work and found out that he taught a kinesio taping course called Rock-tape. I began to research this product and saw that it was extremely useful for my mission of getting people to move better and then making them strong, then finally helping them achieve more in fitness than they thought was possible! So Christian Lee and I decided to invite Dr. Perry and Rock-tape to come out to Escape and teach us how to use this product to help others in their fitness and health goals.

What we learned:

How rock-tape affects the muscle firing and sequencing.

There are times that we have a problem with a movement such as a squat due to the brain’s inability to be able to fire well certain muscles in that move. So we can utilize a release and activate approach. Then tape an area or two, finally we would work on squat correctives such as goblet squat. If the right approach were taken, the squat pattern would improve and help the person squat better or without pain. This way leads to a faster learning process and helps the client to be less frustrated as they endeavor to move better.

How kinesio tape affects and helps maintain movement patterns

This was kind of commented on in the last paragraph. An assessment finds the problem then there should be a release of an area by foam rolling etc., then, you activate tape; finally you re-pattern the move.

How it can help you perform better:

Our compensations lead to us not coming anywhere near our full potential. So by utilizing fascial and kinesio tape one can,” Go longer and stronger!” This has been seen in the Olympics, the Cross fit games and other sports and competitions.

We also learned a lot else. In attendee there were; strength coaches, personal trainers, Chiros, physical therapists and future physical Therapists. We all learned a lot together and some people with some serious problems such as back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain finally found the solution to their pain as they learned how to use this product and system! It was a great day and I look forward to having Dr. Perry do his primal chains workshop at Escape Medford and to taking the third class to the system.

If you want future information about this Rock-tape, just click on the link above. (First paragraph) Also if you want more information to course that we will hold at Escape, whether hosting or holding. Stay tuned to this blog for announcements. We have a lot of good things coming!


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