Fitness can be an awesome self confidence booster. Getting stronger, smashing p.r.s and meeting challenges is enough to infuse even the most critical person with self-love and belief in their ability. This is one of the greatest gifts that are given to fitness buffs on almost a daily basis. However, what if you find out down the road that you missed something as you developed as an exerciser?

This is when many people will stubbornly not accept their need for regression and just blindly move ahead. Usually this is when all progress stops and many fitness peeps will either begin to de-condition and even quit all together. It doesn’t have to be this way; you can continue to make progress in your training over a lifetime. It will just require that you will need to step back at times to continue to move ahead.

The goal of this post is to show you some of the benefits of regression and to give a general guideline when to take a step back. However, please be mindful that things can be a teensier more complicated than just one post can give, but for those that need this information and do it, it will help.

First thing that we have to deal with when we talk about this subject of regression is our mindset. Regression is not punishment, failure or anything negative. In fact it is a good thing wherein we learn much about ourselves and become a bit more humble at the same time. So when it comes down to needing to step back don’t resent it or take it personal. You are going to get better if you do!

In light of that let’s discuss the benefits of training as such.

• Recovery: When you train hard and for a goal, you will get tired sometimes. This sort of step back to improve your technique is usually done with less weight about 60% to 70% one rep max. This lighter loading can give your CNS a chance to bounce back and the results can be fantastic!

• Better technique: This kind of goes without saying, you are stepping back to move ahead with the form that will lead to progression and greater gains along with better safety as you train.

• Strength gains: It is a common thought that the quickest way to get stronger is to work on your technique. You will be surprised the strength gains that wait for you!


• Better combat against overuse: Over-training doesn’t just come through the too much too soon and often effect. It also can happen due to poor technique on a lift or move. If our form isn’t safe then we will end up stressing the wrong muscles in a pattern and the result can be needing to take off extended periods of time from training due to over-use.
• People will compliment your form: You have probably seen all of the videos on You-tube, Facebook and other social media sites that show people whom simply blindly train without taken time to improve their movement and technique. They usually end up being trolled and embarrassed as a result. Taking the time to improve your technique will not most likely help you avoid this, but it could also lead to compliments on your technique.

I hope you see by now that when necessary or even as a time of de-loading regression isn’t a bad thing. I often tell my clients about the rubber band and if you pull it back it goes forward with greater force and impact. That is what regression can be for the fit person, it is an opportunity to go even further with much better long-term results and staying healthy as you do!


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