Kettlebells are an extremely useful for tool for most people’s fitness goals. With this one tool you can. get strong, lean, move better, build conditioning, flexibility and so-on. Each and every week , these workouts will bring you some element of these qualities or all in the shortest time spent training possible.

This week’s work out is focused on conditioning and strength and if you are not careful, it may become your favorite of this series.

Weekly Workout: A Manly man-maker (or woman)


This workout has one thing in mind and that is the complete destruction of calories and fat! Of course that is not a bad thing. I just wanted to write some kind of statement like that!

This workout is done by doing the following in a descending rep ladder fashion. In other words . you will do 10 reps of each move with no rest and then take off a rep or two and so-on until finished. Then if you have some fuel left in the tank and can keep safe form go at it and burn more calories and destroy more fat!

After all that, here is how the workout is done and by using 2 bells:

10 cleans
10 burpees with hands on your kettlebells (or not if you feel unsafe)
10 push-presses

Then rest as much as you need and take off 1 or 2 reps each round and so-on.

Enjoy the fat blasting effect and challenging workout!

The guidelines for success:

KIWK workout of the week- the drop down

  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism.
Also as a gift to you; I want to share with you my free videos series on how to do the kettlebell swing properly for strength and conditioning,  Click here for it.

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