Work is a good thing. Even though we may struggle to get up in the morning and it may cause us stress and so on it is ultimately for our benefit to work. Now think about how hard you work and the struggles and stresses of work and imagine if you never got a paycheck at the end of your pay-period. You would probably feel like the physco guy from office space and “burn the place down.” Yet many people approach their fitness the same way.




You may be wondering how that is and how the two tie together. But think about it, training for results should be more than just burning off energy without getting the most return from your training. This is just like going to work and expending energy and not  getting a return for your efforts. You would burn calories, but apart from that there is no real benefit from your work. Just as it is in the case with your job, exercising should give you more.



You see if you just looking to burn calories you probably do something a bit safer then lifting weights and or running. Which require a certain amount of technique to both be safer and more effective. However, taking the time and putting the effort in will lead to more gains from your exercise and training. Such as brain benefits and many other health related benefits. which will you choose? Will get more pay from your fitness training or will you continue to work hard and not get the full benefit from your work? I know what I am doing!

  1. […] applying it can be the difference between you having the fitness results that you want and get the return from your training that you desire. So know your goal and then plan it out, get plenty of rest and recovery. Overload […]


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