2 Reasons To Move Better

Posted: March 19, 2015 in cardio, fat loss, Fitness, fitness goals, kettlebell training, Mobility/flexibilty, movement training, Uncategorized

I am a skeptical person. It is very rare that I will simple believe something just because someone says it. Once upon a time that was not the case, I used to believe people whom I thought were authorities on a subject blindly and it caused me much embarrassment. Plus as time went along, I realized that is was also a form of laziness on my part as well. In other words it is much easier to simply give consent to someone’s idea than to look at the subject and found out what has been studied on the subject. Then afterwards coming to my own conclusions on the subject based on the information given.

This approach has led to me coming to wrong conclusions at times and I think that is the fear of people who don’t want to think for themselves. You see it is much easier on the ego for someone else to be wrong then for us to “bite the bullet” for ourselves eat crow and learn from our mistakes. However, wouldn’t you want to stand on your own two feet and take some risks sometimes? I know that is how I have chosen to live. Rant over!


What is the tie in with the previous rant to moving better and some to reasons to invest time in doing so?

First of all I just wanted to share with you that if you are a skeptic, I understand. I understand that you don’t just to believe something because there is a blog post written about it. I just want to point you in the direction of examining it for yourself and seeing the research as well as the anecdotal work of many practitioners of movement restoration. Second, I want to share with you two reasons that have helped me realize that I needed to jump abroad the movement train.

Reason One: Moving better makes us more resilient to injury.

This reason to me is the number one reason to work on moving better. But first let me preface it by saying that it isn’t perfect and that exercise has an inherit risk to it; especially if you are training to get results. Now please keep in mind there is a risk-reward that must be evaluated by the trainee. In other words if an exercise doesn’t deliver more benefit than risk, it should be done by the person. Back to the subject at hand, taking care of things such as a lack of toe touch helps you to be less injury prone and that brings me to my next point.


Reason Two: Moving better will give better training sessions.

One of the reasons that we often make very limited progress is due to the fact that we have major compensations that lead to premature fatigue and lack of breaking through your threshold; e.g. If I have a knee that bows in as I squat, not only am I most likely going to screw up my knees. But I am also having one side of my body working harder than another and so-on. Which will lead to me “tanking out” and once I adapt to the level of fitness I am on, I will have limited results from there on in. So correct your tightness, instabilities and asymmetries, before you train for your goals and to get to your goals!

Moving better takes work and requires that some sort of assessment must be utilized to get to the bottom of your issues. Afterwards you will want to begin your corrective approaches and re-check to see if your issues have gotten better. If so continue with your approaches and then re-pattern the move and finally in order to keep your improvement you will want to load it. As the saying goes, “you keep what you load.”


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