I read a lot of information on a weekly basis which I feel like should be something that everyone should do to get better at their job. I often feel as though I am a kid in a candy store and can’t decide what fitness research or exercise manuals to read. So I try to keep it within the realm of my “mission” and what can best benefit my students. I perfectly familiar with the fact that there are so many fitness voices out there and that many of them are very far off from what research says, how the human body works and last of all they are very unreasonable as exercise regimes.

As confusing as all of that can be that is not the extent of the overload of information in the fitness, wellness and health fields. There are in addition to a host of other information, there are a lot thoughts on supplementation as well. I have seen this lead to so much confusion in a lot of clients especially beginners and a fellow fitness buffs that will often ask me questions about things such as: Creatine, protein powders and many other related pills and products.


Before I go any further in this post let me preface the information that I will give as advice with the fact I don’t think that most of these things are bad. For example, thing like whey protein can be a very good thing for the person who’s training program merits it. As well as things such as, Creatine can be beneficial in certain cycles and depending on the individual’s needs and goals. But I also want you to know that supplements can be big business and often can lead just an exercise gimmicks lead to you being a little poorer of results and cash.
Considering how much money can be made from this type of business, it is no wonder why so many such stores and companies are “popping up.” Once again there is nothing wrong with profiting for a legitimate product, especially if it has helped the person who is dispensing it. Yet is seems like, I have been getting messages from individuals on social media about their “special” products that will make my wildest dreams come true if I use them. (I thought that would only happen if I voted for Pedro!)


In Light of that in all of my studying I have come up with some guidelines that I use for such products and I want to share with you.

#1:  You don’t need every supplement.

First of all most of your nutrition should come from a balanced diet. Eating crap and then expecting something is supposed to be in addition to your eating program is very unwise and will lead to a lack of getting all of the nutrients that you will need to be healthy and fit. Not only that, but you also need to realize that as you eat your body uses some of your minerals to process and digest the food. If you do not get it in your food you will be stripping away those vital nutrients and will only be playing catch up with your body as opposed to getting to the higher levels of fitness and health. Also please be aware of the fact that some things aren’t needed by you at this time in your life. Lastly if you are getting too much of the vitamins: A, D, E and K it can kill you. So be wise in your additional nutrition and get what you need and that is it


#2 You can’t afford every supplement.

Most of you reading this blog do not have unlimited funds to spend. (And if you do, do you need a trainer?!) We have bills to pay, as well as the need of thinking about our future, so we need to save also. So in light of the last point that we do not need everything; why waste money on what could harm or not really benefit you? I am a big believer in the simplicity of getting a whole food mufti-vitamin, using whey-protein for recovery on my training days and using some kind of healthy fats. Any more than that at this point in my life is just excessive; due to the fact that most of my food is whole food sources.

#3 You don’t have enough space in your belly for them all the time.

This point is pretty obvious, we only have a certain amount of room in our stomach at any given time and the last thing that you want to do is to stretch it out to make room for more stuff. Especially as I stated before, you don’t need all of the time.


#4 Most of them are not capable of delivering all of the benefits that they claim to; an integrated , scientific approach is the only way to ensure the best use of your nutrient supplements.


Due to need, money and space in our bellies, you need to make sure that you are getting the best benefit that you can from your supplementation. Make sure to get non-synthetic, whole food sources of vitamins and if you can check out the purity of the products. For Whey protein I usually use an organic source, in order to avoid the metals in some company’s whey.


Here are some reasons to balance out your nutrition program. First of all, you will want to eat real food most of the time. (Fruits, nuts, meats and vegetables) This will take care of a lot of your nutrition. However, be aware that because of our poor farming practices that even these types of food don’t have enough nutrients in them to keep you healthy and fit; thus my belief on using a good whole food vitamin, then getting some kind of healthy fat source. It can be olive oil or an additional product that is of good quality.

Then finally, if you like me train for goals and work hard, I am a big believer in using an organic whey protein after your session to aid in recovery. Then there are the things that you want to use that somehow may fit your goals. Just beware of products that claim some sort of magical power that doesn’t require that you have to discipline yourself top get to your goals.

What are your thought on additional nutrition? Write in the comment section below

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