Take the time to “sharpen your ax” or else

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

There is a story that I heard a few times about a champion tree cutter who easily mulled over his competition . He couldn’t seem to be challenged by the “lesser” opponents that he was facing. So as a result he called out an old champion to face him in a competition. The old champ graciously accepted his offer and they set-up a day to meet and compete against each other, The  young star was completely excited for this event, because he thought that it would cement him in as the “greatest ever” in his chosen sport.

The day of the event came and the competitors were preparing for the show down. The crowd was excited and waited in anticipation for this much anticipated event. The bell rung and the two men began to work on their trees. But the older man did something that seemed very strange to the young man, in that instead of beginning to chop and work on bringing the tree down, he began to sharpen his axe. The young logger thought to himself- I have him now, there is now way he will finish in the allowed time!”

As the event on, the young man began to tire form so much work and the old man stood up and took the tree down in a matter of minutes; defeating the young man! This story teaches us a good lesson. First: experience often beats the energy and brashness of youth. Second: that just because we are putting a lot of effort and energy into something, doesn’t mean it will just succeed as a result. Lastly: if we fail to plan, we plan to fail!”

You see this is where most people fail when it comes to training. They start off with the very best intentions and somewhere along the way for whatever reason fail and fall off the wagon. These people aren’t bad people and they aren’t lazy and not dedicated. They just didn’t take the time to sharpen their ax before they began to fully dive into their training. You see much of the gym culture and ideologies have come from either genetically gifted people who can take more without burn out and or a person who is using steroids to get the results they want without the immediate and long-term consequences of over-reaching and lack of planning.

As result we a made to believe that we are less than them and what we should be, if we take the time to progress wisely and at our rate. Also there are internal pressures that we place on ourselves, that if we don’t fulfill we respond with self-hate and discouragement. Instead of doing that friends, take the time to get assessed, work on any movement issues that you may have, then set reasonable goals with a plan and finally follow an intelligent and progressive training program that will get you to your goals. In other words take the time to sharpen your ax!


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