Loaded carries have gained so much popularity in the last few years and no wonder; they are a freaking sweet move! These simple exercises not only help individuals get stronger and to enhance their performance, but they also can be a huge tool to help people move better in exercise and life. Unfortunately, like any other famous exercise a lot of trainers and fitness buffs are doing these loaded moves without any instruction. This can lead to problems with the health of an exerciser and a client.

In light of this fact a friend and co-worker at Escape Medford and I got together to give our 4 cents (get it!) on this topic and to give some correctives to make sure that these wonderful moves are being done well by the carrier. If you want to learn more about these movements such as how to do them and their usefulness, click here for tutorials on the basic carries. Also click here for a rant by me on how loaded carries will help you in life. Finally take a look at the video below for more knowledge and how to do these moves.

If you have any of the problems outlined in the video above do the corrective to fix it and then do the exercise again to improve your form and get more out of it! Also keep calm and carry on friends.


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