This past Saturday the 24th of January was our first winter workshop and it went extremely well. The topics that we covered were: Yoga theory and practice by Rachel T and David S. They covered important topics such as movement prep., breathing and mobility. This was immediately followed by an opportunity to practice them in a brief warm-up and then the lifting began.

( I think Dave may be sleeping while standing)

We then split up into groups to learn about two of the tools that we use to train people and athletes to move better, get stronger and leaner. They were Kettlebells and Barbells. The lifts that we covered were the swing, the Turkish Get-up, Goblet squat and overhead press. On the Barbell side we did, deadlifts, squats and bench or “the core lifts.”

 The goal of this workshop was not only to teach our attendees to lift with good form, but also how to teach them to others how to do them as well.  We took the time to instruct everyone on the techniques of every lift and then utilized correctives to help everyone truly get and feel each move.

Everyone that attended got the tools that they needed to be a better trainer, lifter and even the few doctors that came have a better understanding of safe lifting mechanics to better help their patients to know what to look for in a fitness program. Lastly the instructors learned a lot while teaching. One thing that this day taught me was that there are still so many people who need to hear this message and experience how to train without pain and how to get results constantly over their lives.

I am very happy to have helped so many people get the tools they need to get results while staying pain-free. I am truly grateful to those who attended and I look forward to doing it again with you all and some new people!

 Lastly here is one if the attendees thoughts on this day:

The Escape Winter Workshop was packed with valuable coaching tips and motivational information. The instructors did a great job demonstrating various exercises and progressions with a strong emphasis on utilizing correct form and addressing movement dysfunctions. I look forward to the next one!

Jacque S.

If you want to learn these movements and more without the time restrictions of an event; I offer online coaching to not only teach you how to lift and to get stronger and fitter. I will also tailor everything to you, including your correctives and a program that will fit your goal! To learn more click here; please hurry if you are interested, I only have two spots left!

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