It seems like it was a long time ago when my training manager told me that he had a 6:30 A.M. appointment for me. If I can recall correctly, it was the very next day. So I came in with no real history on the person and didn’t even know their gender or name. While I was there – a woman approached the desk and said that she had a 6:30 with Moses. I think she may have even been disappointed that I didn’t seem to “fit” my name. (I actually never asked her that, but it seems like sometimes people expect Charlton Heston when they first meet me!)

I began to train her that day but didn’t realize her potential until after a few sessions. However, as soon as I did, it became apparent that not only did she work hard; but that she had an amazing ability to be strong! From there we have developed not just a trainer/trainee relationship, but she has also become a friend. I highly enjoy interacting with her as well as “putting her through the wringer” every now and again.


It has been many years since we started working together and Christine has made so much progress in all the aspects of fitness and health. Since she started: she has dropped fat and built some muscle, gotten very strong, done a double body weight deadlift and close to body weight bench, finished a kettlebell 5 minute snatch test and has smashed so many more awesome challenges! Christine is one of a kind and I am so glad to able to train such an incredible individual and to have been able to do it for so many years now!


Here is a little video of my friend in action in this video she did 10 minutes of one arm swings each side on the minute. The kettle bell’s weight was 24 kg or 53 lbs. . In addition to this, he has also swung the 48 kg (106 lb.) kettle bell for reps as well as other very impressive feats as I stated before. Christine keep up the good work and you will be nailing a full pistol before you know it!



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