Just about two weeks ago I was talking to a friend about their limp as they walked around. Out of concern, I asked the person what was wrong and their response was, “I threw my back out.” I then wished them well and immediately after I did, this person told me how he got hurt. “I can remember when it happened; (about his back pain) I was brushing my teeth!” I then began to think about how that was not the case. You see he didn’t get hurt by his good dental habits. In fact his back injury probably started in his youth and then finally appeared on that fateful day.

After reading that last paragraph you may think –“what does this story have to do with training?” Was the person active? No, he or she wasn’t. In fact this particular person is a bit overweight and pretty unhealthy. So I guess you would expect him or her to have gotten hurt. However, if you have been paying attention, you will notice many fit people have bad backs and other such injuries, when they are supposed to be the healthiest people. Why then is that the case? I will share some reasons with you in this following post, so read on and be ready to think.

First thing first we must understand that if we are training for results and not just going through the motions, there is an inherit risk factor in so doing. So if any of us are looking for an excuse not to be fit,  you will not get it on this blog. In fact, I am a big proponent of intelligent progressive overload, periodization and the other various laws that must be followed to be successful in your fitness. Yet, there is a balance and even these wonderful principles and they must be balanced out in order to keep having success.


Failure to approach your fitness training from this viewpoint over the long haul can and most likely will lead to health problems and a lack of results from your training. Most exercisers and trainers are familiar with this fact and the smartest trainees will waive the load and movements in order to ensure that this will not happen to them.

However, there is still more to safety in our training then just a periodized program. (As smart as that is) In fact there has been a direct link to movement quality and injury from our exercise program and recreation endeavors. A good example is when people want to do an overhead press, but lack the requisite shoulder mobility and the results are not only ugly form as the person presses. But a very dangerous compensation that leads to lumbar hyper-extension while pressing, often resulting in too much compression on the lumbar spine and overuse of the low back extensors in the long run.

As a result one day while the person is simply going about their daily activities and they brush their teeth as in our earlier example or pick up a light bucket and strain their spinal muscles. You see the event when that injury appeared wasn’t completely to blame. Rather the person’s lack of ability to move well, compounded with loading which resulted in this injury. So in other words this person’s training hurt them. Not the said event alone!

This whole process for the most part could be avoided through a focus on proper mechanics and loading, having/maintaining adequate mobility and stability and finally doing things as waiving their training loads taking rest days and so-on. In other words if you want to get results for the long run and stay as injury free as possible, you will have to think, plan and log your training sessions. You will also have to be patient as you train and make what you may perceive as slow and steady progress.

Your training should not result in you being sick, tired and injured. It should however, lead to a better life of strength, health, independence, self-confidence and most of all progress! It is simple to do but may require a paradigm shift in your thinking and actions. But if you do, you will live a better quality of life and continue to make progress constantly as you train. It is up to you, you must choose what you are going to do. Will you keep ending up injured? Or will you begin to train for your goals and safety


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