Training is akin to building in many ways. They both require the right tools for the job, planning ahead, making adjustments to the environment around them and so-on. What happens when the right tool isn’t used? If there is no plan? and so-on. The product that we are trying to create will not end up the way that is should and the recipient of that service will most likely end up discouraged and disillusioned as a result.



As a master builder knows the quality of tools and the right tools for the job are necessary in order to do the job well. As a fitness instructor tools are important as well and not all tools are created equal to get you the most out of your training. One of the most useful fitness tools in the world of training is the, (wait for it!) Kettlebell! Kettlebell training with the proper instruction is a very useful for just about any fitness pursuit, from health, fat loss, general fitness, strength and sports training. This post will give you a few reasons why and how that is the case.

Kettlebells are useful for mobility:
With such moves as the Kettlebell halo to the Turkish Get-up this tool can be used to help a person to get into the proper position to exercise and for life.


This drill is designed to “open up” your thoracic spine which is super useful in this world that often sits too much.


The Turkish Get Up:
Not only does this drill work so many different things such as cross lateralization, strength, shoulder stability and other important things. It is also a great hip mobility drill as well!

Click here  to learn how to do this move.

The Goblet Squat:

Once due to sitting to much and our lack of both practicing this move as an exercise and movement, we lose it. the Goblet squat is both a mobility exercise and a safe and simple way to learn how to squat better and to regain your youthful movement. This can be a mobility exercise by relaxing on the bottom, but keeping your chest up!

Click here to learn it

The Good morning stretch
The mobility drill is an amazing drill to help you with your hip mobility and to learn how to hinge better. It is also great movement prep. for swings!


The Windmill:
This move stretches out the hips and lower leg while working on t-spine rotation as the same time.

See more on this here.

Of course there many other moves that work on mobility with kettlebells. But for the sake of this post, I will end it here. So that we can move onto some of the other awesome uses for this tool!

Kettlebells are useful to build strength and explosive power:

Kettlebell training offers the ability to train with slow grinds for strength with such movement patterns as the overhead and vertical pressing variations; thus building strength in those movements. These movements have a great transference over to life and sports, especially if you push things a lot.

Click here to learn how to do the overhead press


There are also squat variations that build strength and power:

There are many ways built into training with this tool to build strength and power. From learning how to squat to dealing with asymmetries as well as finally building and continuing to build a high level of strength.

Click here to learn and to progress the kettlebell squat.


Kettlebells build explosive power:

This one maybe what kettlebells are most known for. The ability to use such move as the swing, push-press, clean and jerk and so-on to build power. This fact makes this piece of equipment extremely useful for sports application and to help combat the decline in power of the elderly.  As well as many other useful applications.

Click here to get my  kettlebell swing series as a gift to you.

A demonstration of the KB Jerk (hard style):



The preceding reasons and many others are some reasons why you should consider kettlebell training as part or the whole of your fitness programming. If you do and learn form a certified instructor, you will find them to help you build strength and power as well as conditioning and to get to your goals!

If you want great instruction on the basic moves such as the overhead press, goblet squat get-up and swing. We at Escape Medford are offering a workshop to help you learn these moves as well as other loaded movements and to help you teach and correct them if you are a fitness trainer. Click here to find out more and to sign up. But hurry space is limited and time is running out to register!
  1. Love using kettlebells! Good post. We’re on a 3 month road trip right now and tossed a few in the car to get our workouts in anywhere



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