The other day I was listening to the radio and a pretty good song came on entitled: “I want to get better.” I jammed out a bit and even thought about going as far as to download the song to my I-tunes account. Afterwards as a true introvert, I thought about the song and how its lyrics and verses apply to my life and  fitness.

As I reflected on this song and my life, I realized that is my whole view of  life and fitness. I began to think about how very far from perfect that I am and that my goal is to simply just continue to get better as I live and train. Ever since I adopted this philosophy in my life, I have experienced less stress and unrealistic pressure to be perfect in any of my pursuits or obligations. I think that this mindset can help you do the same as well.

As you know strength training, moving better, having better endurance are all a process and take time and effort. In light of that it is easy to begin to get down on yourself and only see your areas of weakness and all of the potential negative things in your life. The results of this mindset are often discouragement and a poor self-image in those who tend to adopt and practice it. If this is you, I have a principle for you that if you adopt this mindset it will help you as you are seeking to overcome your perceived issues.

In a good training program with overload and modalities that will begin to address your issues and make them better, every-time you get a rep in and so-on you are getting better. Now everything may not be perfect and that is okay as long as you want to perfect it. I will use the example of a personal best in the overhead press. Let’s say the first time you do a load that you haven’t been able to do and it ends up a bit “ugly” in its form. Instead of thinking how bad you did because it wasn’t perfect, you should think about the fact that  you did do it. Then you can begin to work on your form and make it better as you continue to train, one step at a time.

While you are working on it, you also need to realize that it may not necessarily get better easily and may take some time, a lot of stability work, regression and so-on to make it better. While you are doing this, the mindset that will help you if you adopt it, is to get one percent better each session. I know that doesn’t seem like much. But it is realistic and completely possible to do consistently, it removes the stress and performance anxiety as well. Also if you continue to do it, before you know it you will be better and will have overcome your struggles.



As far as I see it you only have a few choices here: you can keep thinking that you should be perfect and that everything all the time should come easy to you. You can also feel bad about yourself and become discouraged or you can adopt this mindset of aiming to make progress every-time even if it is a little. If you choose that and follow through with it, you will continue to make progress over a lifetime as you continue to learn and train to get better. The choice is yours friends, I have already made mine!

As always if you are struggling with something and your goals, my online coaching program is here to help you get better and to your goals.  Fill out the box below and we can chat about your goals and how I will help you get to them!


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