Kettlebell training is awesome and I spend a lot of time training with kettlebells, as you may know. Just that one tool can be used for strength, muscular endurance, cardio, movement correction and much more. However, just like any other tool it is just a tool. As the saying goes “to the man with the hammer, everything is a nail.”

A good coach knows and sees the value in every tool and uses them for people’s needs and goals the right way at the right time. In light of that this week’s workout is an intentional deviation from the norm and it involves a sled, some weight plates and your sheer determination to keep your consistent movement and form as you train.

Before your head explodes from anticipation this week’s workout: hell on wheels will blast fat, make you a better, stronger and more conditioned person while putting you outside and doing a very simple pushing or pulling motion. Yet don’t let its simplicity fool you; it will humble you while leaving you challenged!

This workout is a fast cardio session that is short in duration and probably should be done after training upper body. Or you can combine it with farmer’s walks as I did. (Do the sled after the carries.) This fat-blasting heart-training session is done by doing the following: Loading the sled with half of your heavy weight. So if you do six plates, you will do three so that you can run fast as you push the sled. (Or pull)

Next pick the area you want to push or pull the sled for. Time each run as you do it, then give yourself double that time in rest in order to keep the work fast on each set. (In other words if you run for thirty seconds, then you will rest for a minute and so-on.) In light of that if you begin to slow down even a bit call it quits and end your session. Record your time spent on the session and try to beat it the next time you do it.

Enjoy this week’s workout friends and continue to get awesome fitness results as you train for your fitness goals. If you like it, post your results below. (Time doing it, speed, etc) Let’s have some fun and get better as we do!


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