There are so many exercises in the world and it seems like there are a million programs all calling for your attention. Because of that fact many people remain inactive due to frustration and or choose a fitness program based solely on its appearance and “sex appeal.” Understanding this reality can lead to the question of how does one choose how to and what to train? This following post will give you a brief answer with the goal of showing you a particular exercise that is useful.

The first thing that you will need to know is that, the exercises that you choose should have some sort of direct correlation to your life or sport. The term that was first used to describe this was functional. However, much like any buzzword or catch phrase this term is often thrown around much like a bouncer would throw his weight around. As a result it has lost its meaning and become a word that people use to describe ineffective exercises without sufficient weight to produce results. This has led to much disdain in the strength and conditioning community as well as much of the fitness world.

The good news is that there are effective exercises that one can do while burning a boat load of fat that will help them in life. One of these movements is loaded carries. Think about it, how often do you carry stuff in life? The answer is all of them time. We carry purses, grocery bags and other like things. So practicing loaded carries will have a huge transference over into life to help you make those other things easier and keep you safer as you live and carry things.

In fact just the other day, I was taking stuff out to the trash and as I was I held the object to the front of my body and in both arms. Now if you carry stuff around you are probably familiar with the low back pain that it can cause. In this case because of my time spent doing various carries, I was aware of my rib cage position and was able to keep it down towards my hips as I trotted this object to my front yard. I also had the strength to do so in spite of the awkward weight of the object. This awareness kept me free from hurting my low back and gave me the strength carry the thing well.

In light of that you will want to carry stuff around and use all kinds of different objects in various positions; such as kettlebells, sandbags, barbells, water-bags and so on. This will give you the same ability that I have earned through training as well as burning awesome amounts of calories and building your strength levels up. Of course being the humanitarian that I am have some nice tutorials for you to follow as well as two carry workouts that you can do to train this move.



Click here and you will get a workout and links to learn how to do these moves in order of difficulty.

Also follow this link to do this workout that will challenge and make better all of the loaded carries with various tools.


There you have it friends, an exercise that can improve your quality of life and make you look sexier at the same time. Not only is that but their technique very simple to do, but challenging to hold as you train. So you will not be disappointed with this move as you workout and practice them. Adding them in to your session or sessions is easy as 1, 2, and 3 as well. You can place them in as a super set, with a pulling activity to smoke your grip. They can be used as a standalone activity in your workout session or as my personal favorite an intense finisher. The sky is the limit friends. So get started training these moves today and if you don’t know hot take a look at the tutorials above to learn how to do them. If you do your fitness and strength will go to the next level and you will have fun as it does!


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