“I am just not getting results my training.” “I can’t seem to make any progress.” If I had a dollar for every time that I hear that phrase, I would be a rich man by now! If you have read any of my writings before, you have noticed that I often speak of a balanced approach to fitness and training in order to get results. Of course this is a more challenging approach to training and it requires that we use our brain to plan and watch how our body responds to our stimulus to our training. We need to see if our workouts are leading to continual progress and not just blindly do more in hopes of improving. If you have taken that approach, you already know that it leads to nothing but frustration and a burning out that could have been prevented if an intelligent training approach were utilized.

I myself have experienced this at various times. Just recently, I trained for three months to get stronger in my kettlebell overhead press and after all of my work, I missed my lift. I was extremely frustrated and discouraged by my failure. But instead of trying to do more, I decided not to press for a week and Bam as Emeril would say, I nailed it!

However, even that is not perfect and we cannot continue to keep on “going up” without a “waved” approach of some sort. That is what today’s posy is about, rest. You know the thing that most people who train think is for wimps. Yet these are the people who never make any true progress in their training, their form on their movements gets continually worse, they are worn out and in pain constantly. They also think that everyone else that trains is the same way and if not they are not “hardcore.”

I am very aware of this mind set, because it was the way that I used to think and let me tell you it leads to nothing but injuries that I could have avoided, if I only trained better! I would have made better progress as well in addition to most likely avoiding the issues that I am in some ways dealing with to this day. So that brings me to my point for the day that being  the one thing that everyone can to make their own training more effective. Ready to hear it- rest! That’s right the feared four letter word of many fitness buffs and strong people. The act that makes some trainees feel like they will not make progress if they do it, yet time and time again as they begin to practice it they see huge gains in their fitness, muscle size, strength levels and so- on!

Oftentimes we train so much due to a strong desire to get our goals and as we go on we get tired , our central nervous system wears down. Then the result is a lack of further gains and then even a loss of some of the gains that we have achieved up to this point. Then all kinds of other signs of over- training kick in such as: a loss of motivation, we get sick, we can’t sleep and even males penis will not work so well and will at time not be able to get erect. Lastly we get injured due to a break down in our training form and in our body. All of this can be avoided by practicing the dreaded four letter word from before, REST!

In addition to this fact of consistent progress, if you rest before a P.R. attempt, you also have a much better chance of “smashing” it due to your brain (CNS) and body being recovered. You may not be aware of this fact that, but you are a lot stronger than you think if you just give your systems what they need as far as rest and nutrition go. So this may be your missing link as far as hitting a new record goes for you. This is not the only possible factor, but it probably is if you have been consonantly overloading your system by training heavy, fast and so-on. So give it a shot and take days and even up to a week to recover. You still want to be active, but just take time off from heavy weights or switch to a different movement pattern and then re-test again after a little lay-off and watch and see you smash your new record as I did!


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