I really enjoy squatting I know it’s weird to say that, but it is true. I remember talking  to a fellow gym goer at my former place of employment and I told him this fact. His reply was, ” Moses, you love them. Most people I know just tolerate them.” I am glad that this fellow at least did them and didn’t have chicken legs as a result of neglecting this basic human movement. As always today’s workout is a kettlebell one that will involve this move that will make you feel as if you joined the Stonecutters on the Simpsons.

This week’s workout is simply awesome and will make you wonder why you decided to ever try to do it in the first place! In addition to all of the wonderful benefits that it will give you, you will also get stronger, burn a tremendous amount of fat and get more conditioned as you do it!

The Squatting Fat Blaster



This week’s workout is done by doing:


5 Front squats
5 Alternating kb thrusters
25 to 50 steps of farmer’s walks


Keep this rep range and walk distance going for as many quality rounds that you can do in 15 minutes.

Men use 2 16 kg bells to 2 24 kg bells
Ladies 2 12 kg bells to 16 kg bells





  • Do all of your sets and reps with quality form. Crap only produces crap!
  • Breathe by matching your breathing with each pattern
  • Rest as much as you need to and no more.
  • Tough it out while working out ( keep in mind the results)
  • Enjoy the fat blasting effect  and raised metabolism.




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