It seems like every time I begin to teach people the one arm swing, they freak out and act like it will kill them. I guess that isn’t the worst thing; considering that most people feel that way about any kettlebell movement. I can’t count how many times I have had people just assume that even the regular two hand swing will tear out their spine as a predator would do with its prey. First, I am here to tell you that kettlebells are inanimate and can’t do you harm or good without you using them.  Also the chances of injury are very low with the kettlebell swing, especially if you do it well. (Click here to learn how to do it safely and effectively.)

Once again, I will state the same saying as before for the one arm swing. It is safe to do, especially if you have spent enough time on the two-hand variation. So don’t fear, Moses is here!”

One thing that you have to remember is that as you progress into more advanced swing variations is that, they are all simply swings! This type of mentality coupled with your time spent on your two-hand technique should cause you to be less apprehensive about this variation. The biggest challenge that this move offers and how it differs from the two hand swing is to make sure that your working shoulder stays “packed” and that you don’t let yourself over-rotate as you swing.

As you see there is no reason at all to fear this move. Once you dial in your technique, you will be surprised what you can do and the potential that you really do have. Just make sure that you are training wisely and perfecting your technique as you do. Now let’s get into how to do the single arm kb swing.


Learning To Earn The One Arm Swing



Lastly, I want to give you some correctives, if you are having some problems with this move. Once again, if you have spent enough time on the two-hand swing you shouldn’t have too much difficulty with the one arm swing. So the first regression that you can do is to do two hand swings. As you do, focus on your feeling centered and not rotating. Drive both heels into the floor, tighten up your glutes and abs on the top and so-on.  Then begin to replicate that feeling in your one arm practice, or hold that position as you swing.

Second, if the bell is getting away from you, keep your shoulder “packed” on the working side. You once again can go back to the two hand swing and focus on shoulder stability.  Then once again go right back to the one arm version and replicate that feeling as you swing.  Another very easy way to learn to keep your shoulder “in its socket” it is to put a paper towel under your arm and keep it in there as you swing. This will give you the feeling once again to shoulder pack as you do your one hand swing.



Follow the simple progressions in the video if you have spent a good amount of time of the regular swing. Then if you encounter any difficulty on your technique, work on the previous corrective drills given in the last two paragraphs. Also I have put together a kettlebell series that is designed to help you learn to swing or swing better as you train. Click here for more information and to get it.


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