About a year ago, I went to our local golf supply store and did a two-hour demonstration with a few co-workers. Out of that evening, I was given a lead of a young couple. They were your typical couple, healthy and hard-working duo; but due to life happening their fitness levels deteriorated. I didn’t know what expect of them but they ended up taking their free few classes and signed up for my and Mark Mellohusky’s kettlebell class. They started off as most people, not being able to “keep up” and had some fat on them.

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Time went along and these two began to make serious progress in their strength level and conditioning levels. They no longer were getting as “winded” in class and began to lose fat as they ate better.


However, there is so much more that just that to their progress than just the better conditioning and fat-loss. These two have developed their character, by coming to class consistently. The both of them have gotten stronger in their overhead press, going from a 16 KG to a 28 for Steve and Becky went from an 8 KG to A 20 KG,  they also both have done a pistol  or one leg squats in class. (Becky getting multiple in.) As well as the fact that they are  moving better and pain-free as they live their lives.

2014-07-29 19.02.30

In fact Steve came up to me one day after class and said that he saw a few pictures from over a year ago on Instagram.  He said was amazed by how much better that they look, but also how much better that they are moving.  In addition to their kettlebell technique has improved. We are very proud and honored to be this dynamic couples’ guide and to have helped them and to continue to help them get results. As Becky said in class the other day, “we keep seeing new muscles on Steve!”  They have also found out the “joys” of becoming more advanced and the need to move on to continue to improve in their fitness levels;  much to Becky’s dismay:) !


Good job guys on your work so far and here is to helping you continue to get results with our unique kettlebell training system. Your continual hard-work and dedication to your fitness and health are inspiring. Onwards to bigger and better things as well as discovering newly developed muscles on your physiques!


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