7 Steps to Long Term Fat loss success

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Losing fat is an interesting endeavor. It seems like everyone that is over-weight wants to lose some of the extra weight but, most are never successful in this endeavor. Then there also is the group of people who get started and “fizzle out” in a short period of time. There also is the group that does drop the unwanted pounds and then gains it back after a while . Finally there are the ones that lose their fat and keep it off thus creating a real life change. What is the difference with all of these people and why are some successful and others not so much or at all?

As always; I don’t think that there is an easy answer to this issue for everyone. In other words not every solution will work for everyone all of the time! I am usually astounded by the people who think that their solution will work for everyone and therefore everyone should be doing what they are practicing. What this person fails to recognize that there are individual differences form health issues to the fat loss person’s history that must be considered when working on fat-loss.


However, thankfully that doesn’t leave us without hope. Everyone can lose the weight that they want and this post will give you some principles to help you be better prepared/successful in their fat-loss efforts!



1. Begin to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones:
Our thoughts more than any other thing can stop our success in fat-loss. The good news is that you can control them! You first have to recognize the thoughts that are holding you back. Then counteract them with positive ones that will help you be more successful and to not give in and up. A good example of this principle is; let’s say that you are at party and are in the middle of a fat-loss program and someone offers you something that is not included in it. You have two options to think at this point:

1a. “Dieting is hard and sucks, I am just going to have that thing!” Do you see how this defeatist thought set you up for a “slip-up?”

1b. “I would like that thing, but I am going to feel and look great when I get to my goals!” This second thought will help you to be successful in your efforts to stay the course and for you to get and stay successful in your goals!


So choose your thoughts friends and begin to overcome the stuff that is holding you back from getting the results that you desire! This however, doesn’t mean that you will not mess up at times. But if you do; it usually means that you didn’t practice thinking the right thoughts at that time. So you can learn from your mistakes and get better as you go along.


2. Eat less of something:
Slow gradual changes equal better success. So pick one thing that you can start doing or stop eating, then see it through. Afterwards move onto another thing and so on until you are completely transformed and at your goals. This type of approach leads to less stress and the ability to be better successful, due to having less to do at any given time. You will also find better success as you take your changes one step at a time!


3. Journal your food:
This is simple, how can you know how you are doing if you can’t see what you are doing?! So be honest and track what you eat and if necessary have someone help you by reading it. So that if you don’t stick to your program they will hold you accountable; it can be a fitness trainer, a spouse or so-on, just make sure that you respect them.



4. Move well:
If you have compensations that are limiting your ability to move well, eventually you will most likely lose the ability to burn as much fat as you want to. So focus and learn how to move well and if necessary get help to move better and get to your goals like never before.


5. Get stronger:
Not only will strength work burn a good amount of calories and help elevate your metabolism for 24 to 36 hours. It will also along with moving well help you do more and burn more calories as a result. Think about it, as you get stronger things get easier and you will not “run out of gas” as fast leading to more calories burned.


6. Condition to burn fat:
There are many different ways to do this type of work, form kettlebell swings to complexes and everything in between. Of course there are battling ropes, jump rope, sprinting and plenty of other options. Just find something that you like and stick to it, advancing and progressively making it more challenging.


7. Get your sleep:
Research show us that people who don’t sleep end up not only having trouble losing fat but gaining it as well. So get 6-8 hours of sleep, in order to help yourself lose fat. Plus it is hard to stick to an exercise program if you are always exhausted!

These principles are by no means exhaustive. Yet, they work, if you apply them. Get started by applying the ones that you are not doing, especially by thinking better thoughts. Practice them and get good at them because as always, it is usually the things that we don’t do that make us less successful in our goals.

Also if you need help in training and or don’t know where to begin to get to your goals, my online coaching is available for you. Contact me here to find out more and other services that I have available to help you.

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