Do Work Son!

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

About five years ago now, I used to see a few guys wearing a shirt at the gym that said, “Do work son!” I recall being befuddled by it and then you can imagine my further intrigue with it when I saw that they were a group of guys that trained together at times.  They apparently wanted to create comradery as they trained, so they created these t-shirts to wear while working out; thus my having seen so many people with them on while at the fitness center.



I do think that is an awesome idea to practice, if it works to motivate people at the gym. Because in my years of training, (11 plus now) I have seen people motivated to come to the gym and maybe even work out. Yet they never get anywhere in their fitness levels. Why? I think it can be a number of things:



  1. Just going for a status symbol
  2. Wanted to get the benefits of training without hard work
  3.  Not knowing the need to work hard in a balanced way



Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but just some general things that I have seen over the years as a trainer/coach. So this post is nit meant to cover them in detail ; but  to help motivate you the reader (or stay motivated) to put in your work while at the gym and in your life and as a result to get the results that you want form your time training. In other words it is designed to help you:



Do work Son



Fitness guidelines can be confusing at times  and that may be a reason why many people never get results. We say such things as: you need to train hard. But you can train too hard as well.  However, the answer is simple; you need to balance out hard work with things such as: rest and proper movement as you train. Balance is the key to get the results you want without going too far and “taking yourself out of the game.” However, you will need to break through your present threshold as you train. Many people avoid this approach because it sucks and there are feelings of exertion, sweat and some discomfort in order to get results.



Seeing that fact, you may not want to train for results and may think that” it isn’t worth it.” If that is the case allow me to remind you some of the benefits of training:

1.Increased calorie usage:

This will help you in your fat-loss goals, or help you to maintain your weight without feeling like you have to starve yourself


2.Building of bone density:
This is true with strength training, as you put pressure or resistance on your bones they develop strength and density. This becomes even more important as we age and our bones become brittle. Resistance work will help counteract that break down and help keep your bones strong. But again in order to achieve this we must overload our systems.


3.Elevated Metabolism at rest:
This is true in two ways, after a workout that has challenged our systems (overload) we will elevate our calorie usage for 18 to 36 hours. Then as we build muscle, we burn more calories at rest. Working hard enough is a very wise investment!


These and many other reasons should help motivate you to be willing to be uncomfortable as you train. Also in time. it will not feel as hard as it used to and you will begin to experience the wonderful mood enhancing hormones that come as a result or overload. So don’t short change your workouts, have the right amount of intensity, reps, weight and progressions. Let your training challenge you and make you a tougher person and you will get many benefits in addition to getting to your goals. Plus you will discover that with the right information that you will be able to achieve way more than you thought possible!


If you need help with finding your balanced approach to get results in training; I offer online coaching and would be more than glad to help you, Click here to get in contact with me about it and we can talk about how I will help you get to your goals!

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