When I was growing up with my three brothers, we would always talk about how big our heads were. We weren’t just teasing each other, it is true , we come from a family that has larger heads and thus we made fun of each other. I can even remember a head measuring as a contest to see who had the smaller head size. I am pretty sure that my oldest brother lost and that one of the twins won. I got second place loser with a head size of about one and one half inches smaller than my eldest brother. I used to always say; “something has to hold my large brain!”



However, besides our antics as youth. Did you know that there is another way to have a “big head” to your body and case some real health issues as a result? It is by having a foreword head posture and it is sadly very common in our modern society! Take a look around the next time you are at the supermarket, you will see all kinds of issues with posture; form slight to full fledged forward head tilt.

Think about it, we sit more often than previous generations and this is a huge contributor to this issue. We lean forward due to our flexed posture or trying to move closer to our TVs and computer screens. Not only does this issue cause trouble with such things as breathing properly, but it also creates tightness in our body that can screw up or movement thereby making us more prone to injury.



The solution: sit less and get up and move around more. Do such stretches as the cobra stretch along with neck mobility drills, kettlebell windmills and most of all train you back-end (posterior chain) with such moves as Deadlifts and kettlebell swings. Also if you have this particular issue get assessed by a qualified person and get better; you don’t need the problems that come from this poor posture!

In closing if you have this issue; deal with it. Begin to sit less, get your stretches and strength work in and take the time to work on this problem. If you don’t you can be sure that you will not get to your fitness goals due to the strain on your body, you will also get tired before you break through your threshold and not further it to affect your body composition. Of course there is also the health issues that come as a result as well that will mean time off from training to heal from injury and pain. So as I always like to say- “get to it and get better!”


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