Just the other day I was “surfing” on Facebook via my news feed and I saw a video.  This video was posted by a group that I am a member of and it  was of a two people benching. One was spotting while the other was training  the chest press movement. So I clicked on it to watch it. The video was awful and it made me think about today’s principle. A principle that is often neglected and leads to problems and even injury in the future as the person trains.


First,  I will discuss the video. The person took the weight off the rack for the bench and put it back. Then, he took it off again and it came down on his throat as his shoulders and arms collapsed under the load. (Sorry I can’t post the video, it is a F.B. only video) Watching this made me thinks about a few important things: first of all, if you spot someone make sure that you have the bar with them. Don’t do the work for them, just help them stabilize the bar. (Especially, if it is a Personal best attempt.) Second, this could have been most likely avoided if the lifter took the time in the beginning of his lifting career as well as periodic times to “groove” his benching technique. That is what this post is about, about taking the time to practice your form and then lifting in the upper levels of your ability.


Let’s go back to my opening story and discuss why I believe that this particular lifter’s issue was a technical one. First as you know, that our lifting performance has much to do with the way that we practice. In other words, when you go  to do a feat of awesomeness the way that you train  is the way that you will try to lift your p.r.. So first and foremost; we need to develop good technique as we train. We need to make sure that we are doing the same thing ( if it is proper) time in and out. From the time that we touch the bar until we put it back, our technique must be consistent. Now with that in mind, you will have to spend time on developing good form and then training in a way that you are challenged but successful in maintaining technique. Anything short of that will only lead to failure in the long run and you will find your self not advancing in your fitness and fat-loss goals.


In conclusion;  the main point of this post is to not warn against training heavy. It is rather  to train smarter and to earn through proper practice and learning technique to be ready to hit your personal best. You should first have adequate mobility and stability for the move then spend time learning technique and developing it every session as you get stronger. This will ensure that you will not end up as a video on Facebook as  joke and a means to warn others, don’t forget the injury factor as well!

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