About four years ago while I was working at a “commercial box gym,” I picked up a training client who was a complete ” newbie.”  He was a thick around middle, wasn’t very strong and had little muscle development.  He came to me as a recommendation from a friend .  When we meet he proceeded to tell about his goal, fat-loss. He told me that he wanted to be ripped and I told him that if he ate properly, I could help him. Little did he know, his life and thoughts about fitness were about to entirely transformed for the better! By the way did I mention that his is name is Dan.


As any beginner, our first few weeks were spent learning and working on his form. I made him aware of the safety benefit of proper lifting and it’s ability to get you real results over the long haul of training. Dan made himself an excellent student and listened to me while learning how a workout should look as well as an overall program. We found out quickly how to train him and he made very good results. He lost fat and has over the last few years: gotten more mobile, built muscle, gotten stronger as well as most importantly healthier.


In the process of working together, Dan figured out that deadlifts are an awesome exercise and embraced them like on other client of mine has. We took the time to give him enough mobility to be able to get in the deadlifting position as we patterned and learned the movement. As he started off he made the usual mistakes, such as pulling with his arms and so-on. However, as we worked on it; he improved his technique and strength levels as well. Here is a video of his latest personal record:


The weight was 385 and please be aware that Dan is 55 (I know, he looks 30!) and was sedentary for most of his life. His technique and mastery of tension has enabled him to get this far and it won’t be long until he hits a double body-weight deadlift! In addition to this strength development and a higher fitness level, he has also become more mobile for such moves as front squats and back squats. He also wasn’t able to do a pull-up initially and know he knocks off sets at a time. Dedication and focus while knowing what “revs your engine training wise coupled with proper instruction have led to incredible results with Dan even at an older age. Dan is an inspiration, Go Dan!

Here is Dan’s experience in his own words:

Coming to the world of physical fitness at a relatively late age, I’m blessed to have found a trainer like Moses.  I started at a gym that was very commercial, and the first couple of trainers that I had there were more interested in texting and checking out the young girls than making sure that my form was correct or that I was reaching my fitness goals.  Moses trains me in a way that is always challenging but not punishing, and he’s very good about making sure that I don’t push myself to the point where I’m likely to sustain an injury.  He has also helped me realize the importance of staying flexible and working toward increased mobility, which at my age is extremely important in order to be able to continue working out effectively.”

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