I don’t want to do that move; I am no good at it!” “That move is hard, I don’t like it!” “It feels awkward; I don’t want to do it!” These few phrases and more are often exclaimed to me when I introduce some new move that will challenge my students and give them results. It seem as though many people base their self-esteem on being able to do everything well right away. So out of that mindset these people are unwilling to do anything that may challenge them and eventually make them better.


Now don’t get me wrong I completely understand the temptation to “take the easy way out” and never do anything that will be challenging to do. Because of the fact that it is so much easier to simply do as you have always done and to enjoy your own self proclaimed “greatness.” Just please be aware that having that type of attitude is a false sense of security. I can think of two reasons why: First if you never challenge your brain, it will begin to even erode the technique of the things that you have gotten good at. Secondly: it is hard to get results from the “same old, same old” all of the time. Now that is not to say that we need over variety in our training, because that will also lead to poor technique and lack of results as well. Also that is not to say that we shouldn’t specialize, if we want to be good at something. We just need to balance out everything in order to expand ourselves and fitness levels.


As you can probably see by now that this post is a call to all of us to come out of our comfort zones and truly improve our lives and fitness. Staying in the same spot get’s you nowhere in life or fitness and makes life boring while creating complacency. So if you want to “amp” up as it where your life and fitness, business etc. Have a balanced approach of consistent work and to the development of new skills.


 What is your challenge now my friend? Have you quit it and decided that you will never get it or get “good” at it? If so, I hope that this post made you realize that although you can’t do it now, you will with the proper progression and practice will be able to. If you need to get a coach, buy a book and watch videos on the subject. Never quit and give in- keep working and overcoming and experience the satisfaction and confidence that overcoming your difficulty can be. Now as I often say; get to it and get better!




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