It astounds me how many people think that becoming a stronger/ fitter  person is an easy endeavor. Yet, how many people are actually getting better from their training? You see being strong  and fitter requires integrity of movement as you lift and train. Otherwise if things like momentum are used (on a grind) or crappy form, is that person really strong? The answer is an emphatic NO!


Having made such a statement, I want to talk about one of the aspects of getting to your goals: the mental side of it, specifically the need for courage.  You see as you approach as personal record there can be times that you feel so nervous that your legs shake and your mind tells you that you can’t do it. Understand that you must be strong mentally first before you are strong physically.



Any one that has ever tried to test them-selves after training for a specific goal knows exactly what I am talking about. I can recall when I was still fighting; I was in a power cycle and working on getting stronger on the low bar back squat. I slowly and steadily worked my way into a p.r. of 405 at 150 pounds and then came test day. As I approached the bar my legs began to shake with a combination of adrenaline and nervousness. I began to think negative thoughts such as: “what if I get hurt?” Or “Miss the lift?” and so-on. I ignored the thoughts and stayed focused on lift and did it eight times.


You see I had a focus that was born out of my eight weeks of training in which I hit a bunch of records for myself and prepared myself for that day. So my mental focus and toughness were practiced and honed in my squat sessions producing the ability not just physically but mentally to accomplish my goal and even exceed it!


This point is not only true for going for max lifts, but can also be true for breaking speed record in running or other like sports, running for further distances if that is your thing and other like fitness goals or personal bests. So when you face that circumstance you have to choose to put all of the negativity to the side and meet your goal. You have to believe that you can meet that goal and stick to what you have been doing all along.


That is the reason why we practice and train. Just remember that as you do make sure to keep everything the same from your set-up to the finish of your move. If you do and you discipline your mind to stay focused you will miss so many less of your goals and personal records. In addition to: this success your confidence will continue to build and help you in this process of developing and achieving success.

I have a lot more that I can say about this subject. However, for your and my time sake I will cut off it off there. Take these principles and continue to practice them and if you just do the point of practice and consistency; you will be much better off for doing it. Plus you will have the confidence in your training to achieve something that you haven’t been able to do as of yet! So remember this point as you approach a challenge choose to be courageous and to be strong. You can do it!


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