Most fitness enthusiasts spend a lot of time on stuff that makes them look good, but doesn’t benefit their health and longevity. The only goal of their training is maximize caloric expenditure and that isn’t so bad. However, there is a heck of a lot more to training and being healthy than that. One of these aspects is mobility training for our joint health and longevity in training.


The goal of this post is to help you think about your future and to avoid the issues that come as a result of not taking the time to practice mobility. I don’t know how often I hear from my clients; “I wish I would have done more mobility when I was younger, because I feel like a tin man who can’t move!” By following this post’s advice, you can avoid that problem for the most part or get better from it and keep living an active and healthy life!

As I stated earlier oftentimes we view mobility training as less of a value than the other aspects of fitness. So the first place that we should start is to change our mindset about spending time on this component of fitness. We have to begin to see it is a necessary part of our overall training and as a preventive/ rehab part of our programming. You may think that you need it yet, because you don’t feel anything. However, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. In another word’s don’t wait till you have problems with your movement where you need intervention. You take control of it now and stop that as much as possible for happening, by training for mobile joints.


Now that you may feel motivated;  I will give you some basic drills to use in your training to help you develop better or maintain your mobility.

  1. Basic mobility and workout preparation:
  2. Three Mobility drills:
  3. Bridging/hips:
  4. Wrists:
  5.  Click here for more information on this subject:


So there you go, this post gave you some reasons and ways that you can mobilize and have healthier joints. Get started today! You can do these drills in the morning or at night, before you train as a warm-up or throughout the day. (Speaking of that excuse me as I do!) Don’t live a life of regret and of having issues that could pretty much be avoided by not prioritizing your joints and health.

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