The fitness world of full of information, we have all kinds of voices that are all speaking, but not all saying the same thing. Some are saying things such as: “all that you need is my pill or powder to lose fat” and so many other  like ridiculous promises. Then there is the debate as to whether or not we need to eat fewer calories to lose fat. As well the group of people who claim it doesn’t matter what you eat, but you just have to have a proper hormone balance to lose fat. No wonder I have so many people when they begin to train with being confused about fat-loss.  

The funny thing is that most of  these principles aren’t necessarily wrong in essence; it is just that there is more to it than each of these points by themselves. The problem is when a person that advocates just one point of the weight loss paradigm have mistakenly gotten out of balance in their approach to a leaner body. This post will clear up the confusion and give you the ability to finally lose fat if you are having difficulty with it.  All that you have to do is have an open mind and be ready to begin to change your behavior little by little in a progressive manner.  next to it    



Fat loss is not as complicated or as impossible as many of my peers will have you think. You do not need a special supplement or secret formula to lose fat. All that you need to do is follow simple scientific principles and in time you will have the body that you want! Now you may say: what are those principles? This post will teach you that. So read on my friends, clear up your confusion and finally lose the fat that you want to!



As I always say fat-loss is not complicated at all. In fact, all that you need to do is eat less energy than you use in a day. However, if you only eat fewer foods than you take in a day, you most likely won’t end up looking good. So you will also want to eat better foods, (i.e. whole foods) as well as eating less. Finally hormones come into play in a smaller scale. For example if you have less testosterone as a male, you will have extreme trouble burning fat. Now not having the proper amount of hormones is only something that should be diagnosed by a physician and is not an excuse to do the other things that are necessary for fat-loss.



Now let us get into the meat on how to lose some meat! LOL:


Here are 4 Ways to Lose Fat and Get the Body that you want

In order to lose fat one must:


1. Eat less: This point cannot be ignored, if you want to get leaner. There are certain laws in life that must be followed to be successful. One is the law of gravity; if you don’t follow it will  bring you down fast. (Unless, of course you follow another law such as the ones that enable a plane to fly) Fat loss also has a law= it is the law of thermodynamics and it states that, energy cannot be destroyed but can only be stored or used. Calories are an energy source; in fact a calorie is actually a measure of heat needed to raise a temperature a degree. (now you can impress your friends with your new knowledge!) Fat is stored energy, so in order to use it up and lose it, we must take in less energy than we need daily. That can be down by eating less and of course exercising. So if you want to lose fat you will have to cut back a bit and the easiest way to do that is to simply eat less crap.


2. Move better and more often: Before we begin and exercise program we must be aware that in order for training to help our efforts, we must do it consistently. In other words if we get injured you will delay your goal of a better body and possibly even quit exercising. So in order to protect ourselves we need to be assessed and then any serious movement issues need to be dealt with before training “all out.” Then we will be more resilient to injury, fatigue and be able to get the most benefit out of our training. In addition to moving better we need to move more. We need to do a progressive training program, condition and be active (walk more, house clean etc.) All of these factors are voluntary metabolism and should be used to aid us in our fat-loss efforts.


3. Keep a food journal and or track food: This may seem like an option, but to me it is not. There is a fine line between eating less and eating too little.  However, we cannot know that, unless we first get an accurate estimate of how much calories that we   should eat with our activity levels to make sure that we are not losing muscle. There is a fine line here and we need to find out what it is and then keep track to see if we are achieving it and if we are eating mostly whole foods. It is very easy to assume that we are. However I have met many people who thought they were eating fewer calories and then when they tracked found out that they weren’t. We must track to be sure and as we track we can know what our next step is to keeping lose weight. For more information on this subject, my friend Mark Mellohusky wrote on this exact subject of tracking, click here to read it.

4. Be Progressive in your changes: All of these steps can be overwhelming, so pick one get good at it and then do another step. If you do you will find continual progress and it won’t seem like torture as you do! Plus, if you feel the need to cheat too much it will tell on you if you are honest about yourself.


This post gave you very simple things to do to begin to take control of and change your health. They are only difficult to the extent of your perspective about them. Instead of thinking that you are giving up something, think of all of the things that you will gain. Then, keep on making changes and getting better at your new lifestyle. Before you know it, you will be at your goals and ready to go even deeper into the fitness lifestyle!


If you need help I can help you with your fat-loss and help you do even more than that! Just use the box below to find out about my on-line coaching. It is guaranteed to help!



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