About three months ago, I meet a few awesome people at my RKC level 2 and have kept in touch with all of them but one who isn’t on Facebook. One of them I became good friends with and her name is Emily Ledford. She is a very dynamic and funny person who has a burning passion for fitness especially for women. She wants them to be strong and fit while really beginning to realize their potential as human beings.


Just this last week, I decided to ask her to do a guest post for me. This is that post, read on my friends to learn what she has to say and to get fired up. I know I did as I read it!




I’m not even going to lie. This whole healthy lifestyle thing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And every once in a while when life gets a little chaotic (truthfully most days with kids) these thoughts come into my head imagining what it would feel like to take it easy and just throw in the towel. I imagine taking a chill from exercise altogether and keeping sugary junk food at hand’s reach for whenever the heck I want it. That would be a LOT of Oreos, brotha and sista.

Oh, the mind wandering. Do you ever go there for just a second to think? Or is it just me?
How delightful it would be to just sleep longer, watch more mindless TV, and abandon those intense training sessions? I could quit caring about making the right food choices. I could just settle for being out of breath when walking up a flight of stairs or struggling to carry the groceries in… right? Who else really cares about MY goal of increasing my deadlift, and the number of pull ups I can bust out? Why don’t I just conform to what MOST people do? I mean, dang, how hard is it to be on board when there are others around you E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E that don’t give a rat’s behind about being fit and healthy?


WHO else cares?!

Guess what?

When it all comes down to it, usually no one else cares about what I and you are doing to better ourselves.
It’s all on you, buddy. And it’s all on me.


For those of us who are trying to set a goal in that next workout, eat well more often than not or get stronger–keep going and I will too. Every time I consider the “other” side (and I’ve been there …. OH, have I BEEN THERE!!!)— THINK: WERE you happy then? Were you as energetic? Was your quality of life where it should have been? What would your doctor, friends and family say?
There will ALWAYS be situations around us that make this chosen path challenging. I still struggle with “WHY God, did you give me a love of baking?!! And for the love of everything loveable, WHY do I have to crave chocolate?!”
So I get mad fight the urge to throw all these treasured cookbooks into a raging fire AND toss their ashes into the mud as I stomp and scream on the ground…or something.


Ok, just being real.



But, thank goodness, there is a time for rest and recovery, too! That does mean an occasional “chill-out moment”, where I can have a piece of cake and put my feet up if I so choose. Enter the baking talent, used wisely and responsibly of course.
As a result of all of my healthy efforts, my family has learned to choose a variety of nutritious foods and we stay active together. It has rubbed off on them you could say. That is a great feeling. My kids know that we do this for two main reasons: to be strong AND healthy. Friends of mine have decided to get it together and make better choices and I have watched their lives improve. It’s amazing to watch their journeys to a better lifestyle.


The words “skinny” and “thin” are NOT why I exercise. I know that getting stronger makes everything better. You get through those workouts, push yourself with intention each time, and those efforts are rewarded. It flows over into every aspect of your life. It makes you more efficient, energetic, and happier. I truly believe strength cures so much. There really is no other option but to stay the course. Everyone has those “what- if” moments sometimes… but this side of it IS reality. And truly, it’s better than the alternative.
You won’t see results overnight. You’ll never have enough time. There are no quick tricks or pills to maintain this chosen way of life. And it is NOT easy at all. But you get out of it what you put into it.
Are you struggling to find motivation? You must realize that motivation is a feeling and feelings come and go. Everyone loses it at some point. I certainly do.


You must commit. That’s what you must decide to do first and foremost.
Then results will follow. After that, look out! Motivation doesn’t stay too far away then!
So, glance at that “other side” every once in a while if you need to remember those periods of time when you didn’t have such a wholesome perspective and you weren’t actively working on becoming a better version of you. When you start to ponder it, there is really nothing better to offer over there.


Now, turn it off. Come back to this moment!
To my fellow strong minds that keep pushing and making healthy decisions and busting it out: It is ONLY up from here! And for what it’s worth, I DO care about YOU being healthy and I’m insanely proud of YOU!
Thank YOU for inspiring me as well. We must continue to encourage each other in good health and fitness!


Now, go KILL IT!



Emily Ledford resides with her family in Purcellville, VA. She is a RKC II instructor and passionate about sharing the benefits of strength training with her clients and anyone who needs inspiration. Having battled eating disorders and exercise addiction earlier in life, Emily wants people to know that there so much more to life than focusing on the scale. Strength training has been a valuable tool in her recovery and has helped build resilience in every aspect of life.




  1. Beautiful words but a truly beautiful woman!


  2. Emily has been a true inspiration to me. As her neighbor, I have seen how hard she works to motivate her family and friends…without making them feel inferior! She teaches her family health, fitness and strength through example. As a client, she pushes me without judgement, but with encouragement. She recognizes limitations and weaknesses and works with me to improve them. Herassipnis infectious!


  3. *her passion is infectious!


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