Just the other day, I had a chat with one of my online clients about the Kettlebell swing. I gave him a conditioning program to follow involving the two hand swing and he tried it out and felt like he wasn’t challenged enough by it. My recommendation, go to the one arm swing or get a heavier bellThat is the great thing about Kettlebell training, there is always a way that we can progress without doing weird and dangerous circus like exercises to produce the training stimulus. In fact, today’s post is one of those ways to do just that without over-complicating things and confusing yourself with hocus-pocus and gimmicks. This is a simple way of progressing into higher levels of fitness and involves simply adding a bell when you are truly ready for it!



Learning The Double Kettlebell Swing




The double swing isn’t that much different from the two-hand or one arm swing variations, in fact people often miss that and look for something more. Yet, those that have spent adequate time on the two-handed swing and then wisely progressed into the one-arm variation, don’t have much trouble picking up the good ole’ double bell swing. Now, please be aware that the weight does often double as we go to two bells, so be wise and start off slow. Trust me,you will get plenty of benefits as you do!



This exercise that is loaded with benefits is done by: First by spending enough time on the two hand swing and then it’s one arm variation. In order to strengthen you and correct any asymmetries (imbalances) that you may have and after making the following two progressions feel easy. Once you have done those two things, you are now ready to move into the double Kettlebell swing.




Second: After having done that, set up with your two bells (preferably a bit lighter than what you have been doing. Remember it is double the weight!) as if you are doing any other swing variation. Then, hike the bells back and stand up explosively (as if you were jumping into the floor) and using the tension needed to do the movement safely.  Make sure to keep your shoulders packed and to hike the bells back harder on your back swing. As always start off with lower reps and for less time and slowly build up your volume. (The extra weight will provide the training stimulus needed for results.)






As you practice this challenging drill you will get stronger and burn a boat-load of calories while building some conditioning and power. So if you are truly ready get to work on it, progress slowly into more reps and sets and frequency of sessions. As you do, like me you will love double Kettlebell swings and all of the other drills that will build on this progression!


Also as a gift to you; I want to share with you my free videos series on how to do the Kettlebell swing properly for strength and conditioning,  click here for it.



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